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Quick Lock Connectors
Rosenberger Quick-Lock connectors feature a coupling mechanism that facilitates fast, simple, space-saving and reliable connector couplings in the tightest spaces without tools.
Fast - about 10 times faster to mate than standard connectors,
Simple - low engagement force of maximum 30 N, space-saving design - higher packing densities,
Reliable - impact and vibration-proof, tool-less, can even be installed in the most inaccessible locations.
The comprehensive product range includes straight and angled cable, panel and PCB connectors as well as adaptors.
The QN and QMA series connectors fulfill the QLF® standard. The Rosenberger SnapN connector series are backward compatible, i.e. SnapN jacks (female) can be mated with N plugs (male).
QMA Connectors
Rosenberger QMA connectors – a sub-miniature coaxial connector series based on the SMA connector interface and properties – are designed for applications up to 18 GHz and are compliant to the QLF® standard. QMA and SMA series connectors are not intermateable.
QN Connectors
QN Connectors
Rosenberger QN connectors are based on the N series connector interface and comply with the QLF® standard; the frequency range is up to 11 GHz. QN and N series connectors are not intermateable.
SnapN Connectors
SnapN Connectors
Rosenberger SnapN connectors are designed for applications up to 11 GHz and are the first connectors backward compatible to the Quick-Lock connector system based on N connectors, i.e. Rosenberger SnapN jacks (female) and Standard N plugs (male) are intermateable. The SnapN angled connector can be turned by 360° – exact alignment even after installation is possible.
1.6-5.6 * 1.0-2.3 Connectors
1.6-5.6 Connectors
The self-locking Quick-Lock variants (type F) of the 1.6-5.6 and 1.0-2.3 connectors with very high mechanical and electrical stability properties are mainly used for reliable transmission of high bit-rates in communications technology.