Cryogenic- and Quantum Technology


Due to many years of expertise in the RF field and intensive contact with several customers in this application field Rosenberger understands the challenges and demands for current and future needs in cryogenic and quantum technology.

Therefore a wide range of parts and possibilities for such applications can be offered. Regarding the requirements for higher number of connections smaller connectors and also multichannel connectors will be more important for the future.

The same requirements exist for hermetical adaptors, attenuators and cable assemblies. Regarding this, Rosenberger also works on new solutions for future requirements.


qBriqs – components of cryogenic quantum technology

Rosenbergers part in this project is

  • Development of a temperature-stable connector interface that can be further developed into a multiport connector, having as a feature less than 3 mm channel pitch.
  • Development and production of planar substrates for attenuators that can be integrated into the connectors and matching their channel pitch.
  • Deepening the knowledge of soldering niobium-titanium cables, especially in multiport connectors.
  • Deepening the knowledge of soldering stainless steel cables, especially in multiport connectors.

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qSolid – Quantum computer in the solid state

Rosenberger is researching the feasibility of miniaturized, multiport connectors as a connectivity solution suitable both for flat ribbon conductors based on polyimide and for additive cables. These connectors have to be suitable for applications in high vacuum and at lowest temperatures. In detail it is about

  • Connectors with approx. 80 channels, suitable for the flat cable solution introduced by the partners Supracon and LPKF. In addition the connectors can be attached to our own, additively manufactured coaxial flat ribbon cables
  • Development of suitable flange feedthroughs
  • Research and development of practicable flat ribbon coaxial cables produced by additive technology
  • Pitch of the channels on the cable < 1 mm, minimal expansion in the attachment area
  • Use of materials with low thermal conductivity
  • Ensuring functionality down to the millikelvin range
  • Excellent RF properties according to specification, frequency range up to 12 GHz

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Standard Portfolio

A wide range of Rosenberger standard products are used from many customers in this application fields. The used parts include the following

  • PCB Connectors
  • Cable connectors
  • Hermetical feedthrough adaptors
  • Adaptors
  • Attenuators
  • Semi-rigid cable assemblies
  • Semi-flex cable assemblies
  • Flexible cable assemblies

In some cases, non-magnetic parts are also available.


Common Interfaces. Cable Sizes include .141”, .085” and .047” - more are available on request


Customized Hermetical Adaptor Flanges

Hermetical sealed adaptor flanges designed to secure high vacuum with glass-to-metal sealing made from Kovar and plated with gold can be designed and manufactured according to customer design requirements.

Specified leakage rate up to ≤ 10-8 mbar * l/s and 100% fine leakage test are possible as well as multi-channel flanges.


Cable Assemblies

Rosenberger has a wide range of standard cable assemblies (flexible, semi-flex, semi-rigid) and manufacture also customized cable assemblies on request.

In addition to the standard cable assemblies, Rosenberger has also the possibilities to manufacture special semi-rigid cable assemblies for cryogenic applications and superconducting cable assemblies with special soldering processes. As a result, such cable assemblies, has excellent electrical and mechanical properties on the solder joints.

  • non-magnetic cable assemblies
  • Stainless Steel cable assemblies
  • CuproNickel cable assemblies
  • NiobiumTitanium cable assemblies

Complete Sub-Systems

Rosenberger provides customized solutions and partnerships.

For customer projects Rosenberger can design, construct and manufacture complete sub-system for cryogenic- and quantum applications like coax-sticks, sample pucks or anything else which is made out RF and mechanical components.