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Application Notes

NEX10® Connector Series - Joint Application Note

NEX10® Connector Series – Custom-Tailored for 5G Small Cell Mobile Networks.
Joint Application Note by HUBER+SUHNER, Radiall and Rosenberger

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Calibration Services

The Calibration Certificates issued by Rosenberger are detailed and structured in content. In addition to measured values and uncertainties they contain graphical representations of results.

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S-Parameter Measurements with Non-Metrology Connector Interfaces

Precise S-parameter measurements (e.g. return loss, insertion loss) can be achieved by correcting the errors caused by the measurement equipment (vector network analyzer (VNA) and test port cables) with the help of a calibration process.

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Realize the Shielding Dividend

Paper by Thomas Müller, Christoph Huber, Dr. Gunnar Armbrecht - published in WEKA "Elektronik automotive"

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Exact Temperature Measurement in HV Connectors

By Christian Dandl, Peter Schnupfner - published in HANSER automotive, 4/2022

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Characterization of RF and Microwave Measurement Cables Used with Vector Network Analyzers

by Martin Moder and Joachim Schubert - published in Microwave Journal, February 2022

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Thermal Optimization of HV Harnesses

by Peter Schupfner, Christian Dandl (both Rosenberger) and Michael Dauer (Leoni)

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720 hrs Salt Spray Corrosion Resistance Plating for RF Connectors

Joint Whitepaper by HUBER+SUHNER and Rosenberger

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Neatly separated: Analysis of the physical layer in the vehicle wiring harness

By Stephan Schreiner, Thomas Müller and Dr. Gunnar Armbrecht - published in Elektronik automotive/ethernet, April 2016

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