Connectivity Solutions for Mobile Robots


Robots are often deployed for performing repetitive or dangerous tasks and to assist humans. The highest priority for harmonious cooperation between human and machine is safety. After all robots will work directly with human or operate close to them. Furthermore when it comes to making smooth deliveries day in day out, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are expected to function for extended periods of time, without human control or monitoring.

For achieving such autonomy, sensors and software empower AMRs toperceive their surrounding environments at all times and make decisions accordingly. At the same time, AMRs must count on seamless connectivity to ensure the utmost reliability through uninterrupted signal and power transmission and for enabling maximum control and responsiveness.

For total peace of mind, Rosenberger now offers a portfolio of fit purpose connectivity solutions for meeting all types of AMR connection requirement – in any conditions. Our RF connectors are of the highest quality and fully capable of withstanding vibration, water ingress, and extreme operating temperatures.



Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), commonly known as drones, are increasingly used for commercial and industrial purposes. And as the technology continues to progress, they are becoming more reliable, stable and capable of flying further and higher. This is significantly increasing their potential for much wider use in a whole range of diverse applications: surveying, inspection, maintenance, search & rescue and before too long, medical and shipping deliveries.

Drone-mounted solutions can now be used for capturing data in real-time, therefore playing an important role in the ongoing digitalization of industrial processes (Internet of Things). Crop seeding, spraying and soil inspection, mapping roads and buildings, monitoring power plant infrastructure, detecting oil spills and gas leaks, are just a few leading examples.

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Delivery Robots

Unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) are well-proven in a wide variety of areas. Their versatility, productifity, cost-effectiveness and environmentally-friendly credentials are also driving them deeper into the commercial world to perform an array of applications. From product picking in warehouses, „last mile“ parcel deliveries to homes and businesses, to the transportation of medical supplies around hospitals, and spare parts delivery on factory floors.

UGVs depend on technology innovation for ensuring seamless performance under any conditions. From the sophisticated software that manages their movement detection and navigation systems, to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) for maximazing machine learning capabilities.

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Autonomous Flying/Driving

Avoiding any interruption in the navigational systems used for remote control robot operation is essential. Robots are reliant on GPS or LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) systems for maintaining course and position while also enabling a variety of modes governing navigational applications and safety features. Furthermore they are crucial to positioning accuracy when detected and inspecting objects. With so much at stake, the right choice of high performance connection systems is equally mission critical.

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Sensor System to Mainboard in the Robot

At the “heart” any robot is the mainboard. This manages all control tasks. Vital signals such as those monitoring altitude and direction are continuously captured, calculated and implemented by sensors. For safety and stability, this demands highly reliable connections capable of supporting high data rates and withstanding harsh environments.

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Communication Between Sender and Receiver

Since robots are unable to veer from their programmed destination (return to home), the signals from remote control to robot and back must be transmitted without interruption or error. Similarly, the built-in return command must not fail, even when experiencing weather turbulence or external signal interference. Flexible, fast and ultra-reliable connectivity for smooth communications is therefore an absolute must.

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A drone’s bird’s eye view offers the potential for their deployment in a wide range of serious applications such as the inspection of power and pipelines, as well as in search and rescue operations. This necessitates the reliable connection of equipment including video cameras for enabling real-time transmission/recording, often in tough operating conditions.

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Charging Interface

Ensuring robots are readily available for onward flight makes fast, simple and safe battery recharging a prerequisite. Our speedy connection solution is designed with this in mind.

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