Quality Management

Quality Management


The strategic management of Rosenberger includes consistent quality management.  A fundamental part of the corporate philosophy is to deliver products and services of the highest quality every day and at the same time  adapt them to the dynamic rules of  international markets. This applies not only to the continuous optimization of each individual product, but also  the cross-departmental improvement of all company processes: from research and development to planning, purchasing, manufacturing, sales,  logistics  and environmental policy - always with the clear goal in mind  of  guaranteeing our customers long-term satisfaction worldwide.

Accepting and bearing responsibility for quality also means acting in an environmentally conscious manner and protecting natural resources. It is our aim to avoid pollution of the environment or to keep it to a minimum - as much as possible below the legally permitted limits.

Third and second party auditors have regularly checked our quality management system for many years. As early as 1991, Rosenberger was the first manufacturer of coaxial connectors to be ISO 9001 certified  and in 2001 achieved  the automotive standard ISO / TS 16949 (today IATF 16949). These strict guidelines of the automotive industry are successfully applied at Rosenberger and are a foundation of our zero-defect strategy.

Rosenberger Quality Certifications


Global Director Quality - Executive Vice President

Andreas Schuhegger

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