Differential Data Connectors

Continuous development means more demanding, increasingly autonomous vehicle generations; IoT, IIoT- and industry 4.0 applications require more powerful connectors. Indispensable to all of this is the efficient transmission of data captured from environment sensors to the assistance systems. However, data rates rise beyond the 20 Gbps. This means that the amount of data to be processed, and the signal bandwidths to be transmitted, are growing rapidly along with electromechanical requirements.

High-speed data transfer and high frequency transmission capabilities must therefore be combined in a connector to ensure optimal signal integrity. Shielded differential systems are ideal for the transmission of data because in addition to shield attenuation, symmetry attenuation is also available. This method enables the signals to be transmitted almost without interference, even with longer transmission paths.

Data connectors from Rosenberger meet all requirements without any mechanical restriction. Highly compact, they combine excellent electrical properties with robustness and long service life.

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