Mobile Communication


The Future with 5G Connections for Fast, Secure and Efficient Data Exchange

High-performance, scalable and reliable cellular networks form the basis of a large number of promising applications - 5G as the new generation in cellular communications enables the networking of people and machines, delivering digitization at all levels.


In addition to maximum reliability and short response times when exchanging messages, high data throughput rates enable innovative applications across all industrial fields. Future technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual and expanded realities, traffic and tracking management, autonomous driving, real-time remote monitoring, diagnostics and remote control, smart grids and other applications will enrich, simplify and ultimately improve safety and security while maximising efficiency.

The Rosenberger Group has recognized the challenges posed by new technologies and, in addition to classic high-frequency connectors and cable assemblies for communications technology, is also developing miniaturized contacts for cable-to-board or board-to-board connections on and between printed circuit boards as well as innovative fiber Optical products and hybrid solutions.


Rosenberger also offers professional and customer-oriented services as well as measuring devices for determining the passive intermodulation performance of connection systems in laboratory, production, and field use.

The Rosenberger Group's portfolio includes 5G-capable antenna solutions that meet the requirements of the existing LTE, LTE-Advanced and LTE-Advanced Pro access technologies.

The global presence of the Rosenberger Group makes it possible to meet customer requirements worldwide quickly, precisely and reliably. Together with the largest telecommunications companies, Rosenberger creates the future for highly developed, secure and efficient data exchange.