Occupational Safety and Health


The safety and health of employees is of great importance to the Rosenberger Group. It is a central concern of the company management to protect the people present in the company from dangers and to maintain the health of the employees in the best possible way.

All employees are called upon to help improve occupational safety and health, fire protection and operational processes. Rosenberger strives to continuously improve the measures for the safety and health of employees and the people present in the company.


Occupational Safety

Rosenberger has been certified according to DIN ISO 45001 since 2020 and has been successfully recertified since then. An integrated occupational safety and health system, combined with health management, aims to minimize accidents at work and strengthen the performance of our employees.

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Company Agreements

In many areas, company agreements have been concluded together with the works council with the aim of preventing accidents and ensuring safe work processes.


Risk Assessment & PPE

Assessing the hazards that employees face in their work and deriving occupational health and safety measures from this is a core requirement of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

With its preventive approach, the risk assessment forms the basis for effective occupational safety and health at work to prevent accidents at work and work-related health hazards, including the humane design of work. 

Depending on the risk classification, occupational safety measures must be taken, of which personal protective equipment (PPE) is one component. Depending on the risk situation, Rosenberger employees are equipped with all protective equipment, such as protective clothing, eye, hearing and respiratory protection, etc., and instructed in its use.


Ergonomic workplaces

Numerous aids and supporting technologies ensure ergonomic working in both administrative and production areas.

Robot Support

Various robot systems support the loading and unloading of processing machines and the handling of production goods.

Automated Transport

An automated storage and transport system saves a large proportion of unnecessary journeys.

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Ergonomic Office Workplaces

Height-adjustable desks, well-lit and ventilated rooms and sufficient freedom of movement ensure ergonomic working in the offices.


Health Promotion

Rosenberger is committed to the well-being of its employees and offers a wide range of health measures. These include an in-house gym and sports courses such as yoga and functional training.  The company restaurant "Opernhalle" offers healthy and balanced meals to promote a wholesome diet. Access to the company doctor enables eye tests, vaccinations and other health checks.

The company also organizes health events such as back week and a health day where employees can address various aspects of their health. Our summer and winter cycling challenge is an initiative that promotes cycling and actively supports the health of our employees. 

Rosenberger attaches great importance to ensuring that employees feel well and healthy and supports them in enjoying a balanced and healthy working environment.

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