Spaceflight, Aerospace & Defence


DIN EN 9100, ESCC 3402 and MIL-PRF 39012 Qualified Components

Rosenberger provides a comprehensive product portfolio fulfilling the high demands on manufacturing, assembling, quality management and testing which are a must for reliable suppliers to the aerospace, security and defence industry.


Aviation & Radar Applications

Rosenberger designs and manufactures connectors and cable assemblies for aviation applications in accordance with the stringent requirements of DIN EN 9100 – renowned customers in the aircraft industries trust in our high-quality products. Complete traceability of our components is available.

The SMP, WSMP, Mini-SMP, TNC, RPC-SP (BMA), and SMA connector series are already in use successfully, as well as custom-made cable assemblies for high-frequency and high-voltage applications. Double bandpass filters are also part of the portfolio as well as hermetic sealed connectors.

For military applications, products certified according MIL-PRF 39012 standard are available.


Spaceflight Applications

Rosenberger Qualified by ESA

The European Space Agency (ESA) developed the ESCC (European Space Components Coordination) qualification process to provide a standard for components which are used onboard spacecraft.

Rosenberger is an ESCC 3402 certified manufacturer – different connector families have been approved and are being used successfully in space missions e.g. Galileo, Iridium, and Globalstar. Cable assemblies (ultra lowloss, semi-rigid and flexible cables) are also available. Rosenberger is the only ESA qualified supplier for SMP connectors, other ESCC product lines include SMA, RPC-2.92 and TNC.

Picture: ©ESA–Pierre Carril. Galileo is a joint initiative between the European Space Agency and the European Commission.


    Space Heritage

    Rosenberger has achieved "Space Heritage" in recent years with participating in various space missions with different requirement profiles:

    • Globalstar Communications Satellite - Altitude: 1400 km, Lifetime: 15 years
    • Galileo Navigation Satellite - Altitude: 23222 km, Lifetime: 12 years
    • Iridium Communications Satellite - Altitude: 780 km, Lifetime: 8 years
    • SMOS Earth Observation Satellite - Altitude: 770 km, Lifetime: 5 years
    • ExoMars 2016 Exploration Spacecraft - Altitude: Mars Orbit, Lifetime: 6 years
    • GSAT-20 HTS
    • OneWeb
    • JUICE
    • Indian Remote Sensing Satellite (IRS)
    • Aline
    • PLATO

    Testing, Qualification & Assembling

    With most modern analysis, test and simulation equipment in our EMC laboratory, and the long-term know-how and expertise of our specialists, design engineering and development of all Rosenberger products is accompanied by our test laboratory – from prototype to series production.

    The components are manufactured, assembled and tested at our headquarters in Germany. To ensure the highest level of quality, the products are assembled in our clean room, class 8.


    Product Portfolio

    Cable Assemblies, Board-to-Board and Board-to-Cable Connections, SMD Types, PCB Connectors, Hermetic Sealed Connectors