Custom Machining

Because Reliability and Long-Term Partnerships Count: The Rosenberger Group Combines Competence and Experience at the Highest Level

When Rosenberger was founded in 1958 the company’s core business was the machining of metal parts. Subsequently, Rosenberger entered the field of high-frequency technology and moved to its current headquarters in Fridolfing. Today, the Rosenberger Group is present worldwide, offering more than 60 years of specialist know-how, technological experience, and methodological competence.

The company’s precision manufacturing capability is highly impressive, providing maximum flexibility and resilience in terms of capacity utilization and logistics. In addition to extensive problem-solving, the Rosenberger Group offers production processes that are tailored to specific customer requirements.

From design and prototyping through to the final automated series production of components, customers are assured of complete manufacturing solutions of the highest quality; backed by maximum process reliability and technological innovation. Because reliability and long-term partnerships count: The Rosenberger Group combines competence and experience at the highest level.

Production Technology

Quality and Competence from One Source

Meeting customer requirements and their desired production techniques with a perfect fit is Rosenberger's top priority. Due to the increasing complexity of components and ever more demanding materials with regard to shaping processes, the Rosenberger Group understands the critical importance of using innovative and ultra-modern production plants - combined with competent manual resources.

Lathes at Rosenberger produce workpieces with diameters ranging from 30 to 500 millimeters and lengths from 100 to 500 millimeters: Such pronounced flexibility results from the complete production of highly complex parts from each and every machine.

Vertical production to simultaneous machining of six component sides: Customer-specific components are produced quickly, precisely and to a high standard of quality. Workpieces can have edge lengths of up to 1,200 millimeters.

Thanks to the company's in-house expertise workpieces can also be processed manually: Balancing, broaching, jogging and (slide) grinding ensure a high-quality and precise result, as does technical cleaning.

Quality Management

Tested and Proven Quality: Rosenberger Precision Manufacturing is Certified According to ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

Many processing machines also have integrated measuring systems. In the air-conditioned test laboratory and production area special equipment is on hand for ensuring perfect quality. This includes 3D coordinate measuring machines, precision micro- and endoscopes as well as roughness depth and contour measuring devices.

Rosenberger Group – Production Portfolio

Rosenberger has always been a Competent Supplier to the Car and Commercial Vehicle Industry in the Field of Precision Manufacturing

The company also supplies customers from the mechanical engineering and engine construction sectors. From gearboxes and paddle wheels to high-pressure components or special parts: Rosenberger guarantees the smallest running tolerances, minimum axis inclinations, and high-precision production of parts susceptible to distortion.

Customers benefit from the wide range of expertise and support throughout the entire production process. Rosenberger is responsible for the procurement of blanks and materials, either directly or according to customer specifications and provides support in the development of components. The company's in-house equipment design, jig and tool construction ensures fast delivery times, even in new start-up situations. Rosenberger also demonstrates maximum flexibility when it comes to delivery systems which can be designed to meet specific customer requirements. In terms of delivery quantities, the production portfolio ranges from prototypes to medium and large series.

Precision Manufacturing at Rosenberger in Numbers


4,5000 square meters of production area


250,000 parts produced annually


100 employees responsible for precision manufacturing