RF Cable Assemblies


Assembled high-frequency cables are suitable for low-loss and distortion-free transmission of high-frequency signals. The fastest transmission of data takes place directly which is why assembled coaxial cables from Rosenberger ensure powerful and uncomplicated data communication. The shielded design makes Rosenberger assembled coaxial cables far less sensitive to external interferences such as damage or electromagnetic fields. Wired solutions are suitable for highly complex infrastructures where flexibility, security and performance count, such as measurement lines in test laboratories. Furthermore, they are used in electrical and radio technology, communication and data technology – all areas where high demands on transmission quality or shielding are made.

The product range incorporates all commonly available RF cable assemblies and the development of customized solutions from DC up to 110 GHz.

  • Flexible (RG) cables
  • Semi-flexible cables
  • Semi-rigid cables
  • Corrugated cables