The 4.3-10 series is a low PIM (Passive Intermodulation) system for frequencies up to 12 GHz for use in mobile communication applications. It is designed to meet the growing performance needs of mobile network equipment, when connecting, for example, RRUs to antennas.

Features include compact connector sizes, best electrical performance, low PIM and coupling torque as well as easy installation. Offering three different coupling mechanisms – screw, quick-lock/push-pull and hand-screw – the universal jack design is mateable with all plug types.

Very Low PIM – Independent of Torque

The 4.3-10 connector series is characterized by best electrical performance and very low passive intermodulation – independent of torque. Due to its dimensions, 4.3-10 connectors are the natural evolution of currently used connector systems used in the mobile communications industry. Electrical and mechanical planes have been separated leading to significantly lower coupling torque. 

One Jack for All Plug Types

4.3-10 connectors are available in three versions: Screw-on (HEX), hand-screw and push-pull coupling mechanisms. One jack for all plug types due to its mechanical design, the universal 4.3-10 jack type can be mated to all plug types:

Screw Type (HEX)

  • Screw type with recommended tightening torque of 5 Nm
  • Recommended for harsh environments 

Hand Screw Type

  • Hand screw (no torque)
  • Special release inhibition against unintentional loosening the nut 

Push-Pull/Quick-lock Type

  • Quick connection type
  • No tools needed

4.3-10 Cold-Weld Connectors

The 4.3-10 connectivity solution is also available as a field installable Cold-Weld connector for 1/4" superflexible, 3/8" superflexible, 1/2" superflexible and 1/2" flexible cable types.

Learn more about Rosenberger Cold-Weld RF Connectors


Product Portfolio

  • Cable connectors (Semi-rigid, Semi-flexible, corrugated cables)
  • Panel connectors
  • Cable assemblies
  • Adaptors
  • Calibration Kits
  • Tools & Accessories


Field Installable 4.3-10 Connector – Corrugated Cables
Rosenberger connectors have excellent mechanical and environmental properties that ensure long-term durability and performance in both indoor and outdoor installations. All Rosenberger connectors are coated with white bronze plating. This coating is specifically selected to provide protection against oxidation while delivering exceptional intermodulation performance and electrical conductivity.

4.3-10 Coax Jumper Assemblies
Every single coax jumper is tested for its Return Loss and PIM values after its assembly. By entering the serial number on our web-portal our customers are able to download the measurement reports of their cables.

Panel Connectors
Rosenberger designs and produces highly versatile panel and bulkhead connectors. Due to its flexible inhouse parts production, Rosenberger is able to respond to customer specific needs and demands. Different linear and radial dimensions can be implemented and variations in flange sizes taken into account. The pattern and size of drilling holes can be adapted; different center contact connections such as solder end and coaxial end as well as sealing options can be integrated according to customer demands.

Rosenberger offers a full range of in-series and inter-series adaptors. Adaptors are commonly used in applications requiring different RF interfaces to be connected.

Measurement Components
Rosenberger measurement components are available for enabling VNA calibration to support measurements of the scattering parameters on the 4.3-10 interface. The listed components allow customers to choose between different calibration methods such as OSL and OSLT, as well as via the well-known N-type precision interface, enabling switching to 4.3-10 measurement using the company’s high precision adapters.

PIM Measurement
Excellent PIM performance is a MUST in today's mobile communication network. Rosenberger offers a complete range of PIM loads, measurement assemblies and adaptors that meet our customers' expectations for outstanding PIM performance.



  • Impedance 50 Ω
  • Interface according to IEC 61169-54
  • Frequency range DC to 12 GHz
  • Return loss (cable connector straight) DC ≥ 36 dB @ DC to 4 GHz; ≥ 32 dB @ 4 GHz to 6 GHz
  • Minimum pitch ≥ 25.4 mm
  • PIM ≥ 166 dBc @ 2x43dBm
  • Degree of Protection IP68 (@25 m, 1 hours)
  • Mating cycles ≥ 100
  • Three different locking mechanisms: screw, quick-lock/push-pull and hand-screw



  • Best electrical performance
  • Low, reliable and constant PIM independent of torque
  • Outstanding insertion/return loss
  • Lower coupling torque
  • Easy installation
  • Small size – 40 % smaller than 7-16 connectors
  • Low weight – 60 % reduction compared to other RF interfaces
  • High flexibility – 3 different plug types to mate with a universal jack



  • Mobile communication market
  • RRU to the antenna
  • Splitter and filter systems
  • Plug-in chassis systems


Rosenberger Series Code 64

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