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Rosenberger Proximity Connector (RoProxCon) - System-on-Module

Invitation to the Rosenberger Webinar RoProxCon® - Contactless Connectivity on June 26th 2024

Want to learn more about contactless connectivity? Register for the Rosenberger Webinar on June 26, 2024

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RoProxCon® - Contactless Connectivity for a Connected World!

In environments where traditional connectivity is affected by vibration and dust, the contactless solution is extremely reliable.

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Eric Küppers, CEO - Interview in Telecom Review

Telecom Review, an industry media platform, recently published an exclusive interview with Mr. Eric Küppers, CEO of Rosenberger group. Eric Küppers explaines the company’s role and strategy in the Middle East region, focused to perspectives of…

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Rosenberger cooperates with TTI, Inc.-Europe with immediate effect

Rosenberger is extending its European coverage by signing a distribution agreement with TTI, Inc.-Europe.

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Video Tutorials - HFM® and H-MTD® Hand Crimping Tools

Rosenberger has developed compact hand crimping tool kits for the quick replacement of damaged Rosenberger HFM® and H-MTD® connectors on the cable harness. The tutorial videos show how it works.

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VDI/VDE-GMA Technical Committee Meeting

On November 8 and 9, the VDI/VDE-GMA Technical Committee 4.12 was a guest at Rosenberger.

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