Product Design & Construction


The Design and Construction of Rosenberger Products Involves the Selection of Materials, the Creation of Standard Parts and the Definition of Manufacturing and Assembly Techniques

It also includes the consideration of cost aspects as well as technical and design requirements.

Product development takes place at Rosenberger in Fridolfing, however the synergies between different business areas are always optimized. 80 to 90 percent of designed parts represent customer-specific solutions that are rapidly transferred to series production after development. This is a key reason for Rosenberger’s world market leadership in the production of connectors for the automotive sector.

In the future areas such as simultaneous engineering and systematic development will become even more important. Simultaneous engineering requires the competence to view development processes from different perspectives. Therefore, in addition to the purely technical function the requirements of other organizational units such as production, assembly, logistics, purchasing and sales are equally taken into account. This achieves maximum efficiency in terms of implementation.


Idea and Concept

Every Successful Solution Begins with a Good Idea. Rosenberger Promises its Customers Solutions Based on Innovative Ideas with Guaranteed Implementation.

When developing the overall concept for a product both technical and economic specifications are taken into account.

Rosenberger fulfills electrical and mechanical requirements but at the same time keeps very focused on the production technology concerned. Only in this way can a product meet maximum demands and deliver the highest quality from development to (serial) production.



Technical Design at Rosenberger Primarily Involves the Solution-Oriented Selection of Fit-for-Purpose Electrical and Mechanical Components

The mechanical design of products plays a key role in this as it forms the basis for ensuring high quality new parts as well as their further development.   

In addition Rosenberger ensures the reduction of raw materials and production costs, therefore maximizing overall product competitiveness through optimization of components. Precise process development steps and a development time that is always as short as possible are achieved with the help of innovative design and simulation tools.


Mechanical Construction

The Networking of Electrical and Mechanical Development Enables the Verification of the Final Design even Before the Creation of a Prototype

At this stage all requirements in terms of design and material as well as environmental and compliance guidelines are already taken into account.

In the future real tests will increasingly be replaced by calculations and simulations to further optimize economic efficiency and development speed. With its development techniques based on proven experience and competence Rosenberger is clearly positioned as an innovation leader in this field.