The future of our locomotion lies in electric and hybrid cars. Increasingly, the internal combustion engine is being replaced by technological progress which in turn has called for major innovation in the field of connector technology, for both hybrid and electric vehicles. At the same time, efficient and environmentally-friendly production methods are a top priority when it comes to corporate social responsibility (CSR). 


Many design and technical factors must be taken into account, not least in the area of engine and charging power. Here, electrical components have to be robust and as space-saving as possible while functioning safely under extreme voltages and currents.

For Rosenberger, the product development goal is clear: maximum contact resistance, plus high power density coupled with excellent EMC performance properties.


Electro-mobility is proving to be an important growth market. Rosenberger as precision, high quality and safety have always been core competencies. Rosenberger’s extensive portfolio of high-voltage connectors has been developed especially for optimized power transmission in electric and hybrid vehicles.

They meet customer requirements in terms of quality, reliability, performance, and price. The HV product line includes extremely compact connection solutions that can be operated over entire product lifetimes, up to 1000 V with continuous currents of up to 450 A.


Additional to our shielded product portfolio, we developed and offers unshielded product series (HVU®) e.g. HVU®48, HVU®50, HVU®400.

Current capacity range from 60 A, 87.5 A up to 340 A and a working voltage of 1000 V DC.




HV Applications & Connectors

High voltage applications play a crucial role in the functioning and performance of electric vehicles (EVs). EVs rely on high-voltage systems to power various components, improve efficiency, and maximize driving range. Some of the key areas where high voltage is utilized in an electric vehicle are: battery system, electric motor, power electronics, charging infrastructure, regenerative braking and auxiliary systems.

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Rosenberger High-Voltage and LEV Product Lines