An average of ten kilometres of cable and hundreds of connectors are installed in a car - modern vehicles are turning into electronic ‘all-rounders’. While their primary purpose is still transportation they offer a great deal of technical luxury as well as many safety-related features and service innovations. 


Vehicles are electronic Multi-talents

Infotainment is no longer the exclusive preserve of luxury vehicles as it is now seen as indispensable in all vehicle categories. The car is multifunctional, serving as an ‘office’ and entertainment ‘center’ as well as providing an array of other functions and features including warning devices, navigation systems, bluetooth applications, driver assistance systems and WiFi.

The amount of data transmitted has increased exponentially as has the need for faster transmission speeds, thereby presenting ever-growing challenges for connector manufacturers.  


Rosenberger sets Standards in Data Transmission

Here, Rosenberger scores highly with its long experience, competence and pure innovation.

After all, the company was the first manufacturer to develop and deliver functional FAKRA connectors for standardized and high-frequency applications in vehicles. A milestone for the entire industry.


Connectors & Cable Assemblies for Infotainment Data