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Empowerment through World Class Fiber Optics

As part of the Rosenberger Group, we are dedicated to providing state-of-the-art optical fiber products, solutions, and services on a global scale.

Our global DNA

Fiber Optic Expert Manufacturer with Global Presence - The best components for customized solutions, aligned with the latest market technologies and regional customer needs

While each Rosenberger Group company caters to the specific requirements of local customers and markets, our united strength lies in harmoniously collaborating to surpass the expectations of our worldwide clientele.

This synergy positions us as a global partner for all optical fiber-based products, solutions, and services.


Solutions for Scalable, Flexible, and Reliable Fiber Optic Infrastructure

Future-Proof Networking with Rosenberger Fiber Optic Solutions

Rosenberger Fiber Optic Solutions provides tailored support for data centers, industry and the telecommunication market, transforming their network infrastructure by making it more resilient, efficient, scalable, and prepared for future challenges.

Our aim is to create an advanced infrastructure that enhances the deployment of new applications while minimizing cost increases. Experience the innovative power of our solutions and shape your application for a successful future.

Data Centers

Cloud providers, hyperscale, colocation, and enterprise data centers must consistently offer cutting-edge technology and exceptional scalability, all while ensuring compliance with standards.

At Rosenberger, we provide reliable services, unwavering quality and the added value expected from a high-performance, high-density solution. Discover our comprehensive product range, encompassing infrastructure solutions to data center connections for the entire data link and distribution cabinets.


With skyrocketing demand for high-speed data transmission in global mobile networks, the right choice of connectivity products or solutions—from the BBU/PSU, RRH, and antenna to the last mile leading to residences—is pivotal for achieving optimal network performance.

We are dedicated to pioneering FTTA and FTTH solutions through innovation and continuous product development. Our commitment extends to fostering enduring long term customer relationships.


Developed for the toughest challenges, Rosenberger leads the way in ground breaking fiber optic technology for the most demanding environments.

Our solutions guarantee unparalleled robustness, ensuring unwavering reliability in even the most challenging conditions. Whether in raw materials production, industry, broadcasting or aerospace our solutions deliver exceptional data throughput, absolute resistance to electromagnetic interference and extraordinary durability.


Full Service Provider

Rosenberger Fiber Optic offers comprehensive expertise and dedicated support in the planning, implementation and maintenance of customer network infrastructure.


Latest Innovations

With the continuous development of our comprehensive fiber optic portfolio, we span every application domain. We set benchmarks with pioneering technologies and extensive expertise to deliver innovative and future-proofed products.

Very Small Form Factor Connectors (VSFF)

Cabling Solutions that Support Sustainable Data Center Design

Introducing the new Tiny Duplex Ceramic Ferrule Push-Pull Connectors supporting next-gen OSFP and QSFP-DD transceivers: 400/800G, 1.6TB and beyond. Ideal for spine-leaf architectures with direct duplex port breakout at transceiver and patch panel interfaces.

3M Expanded Beam (EBO) Technology

Resilient against Dust and Dirt: Simple Installation, Reduced Maintenance Effort

Driven by escalating data rates and increased bandwidth demands, the expanded beam technology ensures the highest reliability for uninterrupted performance and flawless data transmission across the complete data link.


Save on Installation Costs – Enhance the Quality of Optical Links

Rosenberger provides a comprehensive portfolio for FTTx technologies. Our Plug-and-Play solutions with pre-assembled connectors eliminates the need for optical fusion splicing.


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Rosenberger Fiber Optic Global Network


Since 1991 Augsburg, Germany based Rosenberger OSI has been recognized as an expert in fiber-based connectivity, cabling solutions and infrastructure services. Across data centers, local area networks, mobile networks and industrial applications.

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Asia Pacific

Operating in China since 1997, Rosenberger Asia Pacific maintains modern manufacturing and R&D base locations in Beijing, Shanghai, Changzhou and Kunshan in China, along with various sales offices all over the Asia Pacific region.

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In 2013, Rosenberger Interconnect India initiated its fiber-based connectivity and cabling solutions, establishing itself as a major player in the telecommunications, local area networks, and data center markets over the years.

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Rosenberger South America, based in São Paulo, Brazil, operates a large factory for optical products and metal stamping. With a significant presence in countries such as Chile, Mexico and the USA, the company is dedicated to advancing technology and society in the telecommunications sector, in line with Rosenberger Group's goals.

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