Java developer at Rosenberger

Information Technology

IT employee at Rosenberger

IT Delivery

This division is responsible for providing hardware and software to all employees. This requires an intensive exchange with colleagues in order to meet their requirements.

IT employee at Rosenberger

IT Infrastructure

This area is responsible for the provision and maintenance of the server estate at Rosenberger. A further area of responsibility is the optimization of the network infrastructure based on the network analysis in the company. The reliability of the systems has the highest priority at Rosenberger.

Java developer at Rosenberger

IT Business Application Services

This is where the company’s central support and development of IT applications takes place. The ERP system is the center of the internal system environment. Company-wide optimized processes are checked and implemented according to cost/benefit aspects in cooperation with the business process management department.

”After Completing My Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science I Gained My First Professional Experience in the IT Sector as an Application Developer

When project management software was introduced at Rosenberger I was hired as Application Manager. In addition to system support my area of responsibility requires cross-departmental cooperation to implement company-specific requirements. Therefore I am in constant contact with different departments which makes my work very diversified.’’

Roland Oberleitner, Application Manager

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