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Mission Statement


Worldwide Business Principles

Rosenberger´s globally implemented common corporate philosophy is focused on meeting future business challenges and satisfying customers´ most exacting and ever more demanding requirements.

Rosenberger’s corporate philosophy is further defined in its Mission Statement and corporate mission statement and is well-known to all Rosenberger employees worldwide and serves as the basis for action by employees in the Rosenberger group.


Rosenberger Global Mission & Vision


  • Customer always comes first!
  • Drive innovation together with and for our customers!
  • Maintain a secure, humane and happy environment for our employees
  • Develop our employees by investing in their education
  • Take social responsibility
  • Protect our environment with ecologically friendly products, production and processes


  • Be one of the global top three manufacturers for high-speed connectivity in Communication, Automotive, Test & Measurement, Medical and Industries
  • Provide the most innovative and advanced  technology in our fields of expertise
  • Deliver highest quality standards to all our customers
  • Provide world class, vertically integrated manufacturing on a global basis
  • Stay a family-owned company independent from financial institutions and stock markets