General Information About Your Application


How does the Application Process Work at Rosenberger?

There are several steps once you’ve responded to a job advertisement via our job portal or decided to send us a speculative application with your complete application documents digitally.


Confirming Receipt

First, you will receive an e-mail from Rosenberger confirming receipt of your application. At this point you may be asked to submit further documents or provide some further information.

Next, our Personnel department and the department(s) responsible for the vacancy(s) concerned will examine your application in detail. This may take some time however, you will definitely receive feedback from us.


Personal Interview

Then, if your application is successful you will receive an invitation to a personal interview at which further details about the application process will be provided.


Trial Work Day

If your interview at Rosenberger is positive you may receive an invitation to a trial work day - this way you and the Rosenberger department concerned can get to know one another.


Welcome to the Team!

Finally, if we and you are all convinced one of our Personnel Officers will be in contact to finalize everything including the joining procedure.


Online Meetings

Get to know our departments and book an online meeting with your future employer

Various departments offer an online meeting if you are interested in a job vacancy at Rosenberger and want to talk to a contact person before your application. 


Before the Application

What Development Opportunities Await Me at Rosenberger?

During annual performance reviews you will discuss your personal development opportunities with your superiors and agree individual goals.

Can I Apply for Several Job Advertisements at Rosenberger in Parallel?

If you are interested in several job vacancies being advertised at the same time you may of course apply for them all. Please submit a separate application via the Rosenberg job portal.

How Can I Apply for Other Rosenberger Group Locations?

Job advertisements for vacancies at our headquarters in Fridolfing and Rosenberger Site Solution GmbH location in Laufen can be found here.

To apply for a job at subsidiaries or other Rosenberger Group locations please visit the website of the respective subsidiary or location.

An overview is available here

Can I Send a Speculative Application?

Yes, please use our online application. 

Are All Jobs Advertised in the Rosenberger Group Published Here?

Yes, all current job advertisements are published on the careers page. Advertisements of other locations and companies of the Rosenberger Group can be found on their respective websites.



What Documents are Required for a Complete Application?

Your application should contain an individual cover letter which refers to the job advertisement you have chosen. In addition, a complete application should include a current curriculum vitae as well as school and job references that show your educational background and any practical experience.

What does it Mean When Rosenberger Speaks of an "Applicant Pool"?

Applications received from candidates which couldn’t be considered for specific vacancies advertised at the time - but remain of potential interest to us - will be included in our applicant pool. We will always keep you informed. This procedure enables Rosenberger to reconsider your application as and when a suitable position becomes vacant.


Job Interview

How Can I Prepare for the Personal Interview?

We suggest you do some background research on the company and be ready to answer and explain exactly why you have applied for the vacancy concerned. It’s also useful to think about some open questions beforehand. A key aim of our discussion will be to clarify any points together helping us to gain a good understanding and impression of one other.

What Should I Bring to the Interview?

If you would like to supplement the application documents you already submitted with any current certificates that you didn’t have available beforehand, please bring them to your interview.


Pupils & Students

When Can I Apply for an Apprenticeship Position or a Dual Course of Study?

The application period is open as long as the Position is vacant. Apprenticeships and Dual Studies are being published in May for the following year.

What are My Chances as a Trainee or Dual Student to be Taken on in a Permanent Employment Relationship?

Usually the number of job advertisements for apprenticeships and dual studies is based on the actual need for employees - so there is always a good chance of permanent employment. However, it also depends on your personal commitment and of course the prevailing market and economic conditions.