Next Generation Solutions for all Site Architectures

Continuous expansion and consolidation of LTE and 5G networks require future-proof and versatile connectivity solutions between the BBU/PSU and the RRHs.

Rosenberger’s focus is to offer Plug & Play FTTA/PTTA solutions that provide a Neutral Point of Interface to ensure efficient and cost-effective installations, upgrades, swaps and addition of new technologies.  



  • Box or boxless solutions
    • Direct fiber / fiber trunk
    • Direct power / power trunk
    • Hybrid cable solutions

  • FO and power jumper assemblies
  • FO and power connectors
  • InLine connectors and adaptors
  • Accessories: optical distribution frames, excess fiber enclosures, OVPs, clamps

B2ca Cables - Highest Fire Protection According to CPR

Rosenberger B2ca cables offer proven quality and reliability, ensuring optimal fire protection in sensitive environments for all installation scenarios.

  • Coaxial Cables
  • Coaxial Jumpers
  • FO Cables
  • Data Cable
  • 2-Wire Power Cables
  • Double-Isolated Wires

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With the Rosenberger Power Calculation Tool all relevant values such as recommended cross section, max. current, drop voltage and length of your power line can be calculated thus facilitating efficient site planning and optimization.

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