Circular Connectors

Circular connectors - reassuringly robust in industrial use

The demand for circular connectors has increased significantly due to the boom in the automation industry. As more and more sensors and actuators are integrated into machine and system installations, circular connectors have become the preferred connection approach. Various designs based on IEC 61076 are available enabling complete installation solutions in harsh industrial environments – from the control cabinet to the sensor. These includes over moulded  cable assembies, PCB and panel mount connectors in different variants and hybrid solutions.

The circular connector portfolio continues to evolve, creating new applications and industries. They are used not only for the classic connection of sensors, but also for power supply.

One common feature connects all variants: their standardized and robust suitability for industrial use.



Circular connectors M12-series

Rosenberger M12-connectors provide reliable data and power transmission in harsh environments. Different codings and numbers of poles enable easy identification for a wide variety of applications and avoid mismatch. In addition to signal transmission, M8/M12 connectors are available for various industial networks such as EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, Profibus DP or Profinet. 

Product Porfolio

  • Shielded or unshielded cable assemblies (Sensor- Actuator Cables)
  • Panel mount connectors (PCB and wire)
  • Fieldmountable cable connectors





  • Standardized according to IEC 61076
  • Data rate up to 100 Mbps 
  • Signal & data connectors up to DC 24 C, 4A
  • Power connectors up to 630 V and 16 A
  • Protection class IP 67 (mated condition)
  • Different codings and number of contacts 




  • Robust design for industrial useage
  • Different codings and number of contacts available
  • Standardised products for global use





  • Sensor and Actuator Applications
  • Wiring of assembly lines
  • Connecting solutions for PCBs
  • IP 67 protected panel mount solutions