The Rosenberger HPK system can achieve 275 A at 85 °C up to 1000 V. With their excellent vibration and current capacity performance the HPK connectors are well-suited to typical high-voltage electric vehicle applications such as the connection between battery, inverter and PDU.

The range includes 1-, 2-, or 3-pole connectors which for maximum flexibility can be used with copper or aluminum cables in four different cable cross sections. Straight and angled cable couplers as well as corresponding headers are available, either with or without HVIL (high-voltage interlock).

Product Portfolio

  • Cable connectors (1-pole, 2-pole, or 3-pole)
  • Cable assemblies
  • Header (plug) with or without HVIL
  • Measurement coupler, calibration kit


  • Current capacitiy (50 mm²): 275 A at 85 °C
  • Working voltage 1000 V DC
  • Test voltage 3200 V DC
  • Temperature range -40 °C to +140 °C
  • IP class mated acc. to IP6K9K / IPX8 / IPXXD
  • IP class unmated acc. to IPXXB
  • Vibration class acc. to LV215 PG17-II
  • Mating cycles ≥ 50
  • Cross sections 16 mm², 25 mm², 35 mm², 50 mm²


  • Versatile product range
  • High temperature and vibration performance
  • Design makes these series easier to assemble, creating faster processes and higher quality
  • With or without HVIL (high-voltage interlock)

HPK Measurement

Rosenberger’s HPK test & measurement solutions deliver deep insights into the EMC behaviors of high-voltage automotive traction networks. Using our powerful HPK Measurement Coupler, dedicated calibration software and calibration kits, EMC experts can perform RF voltage and current reliability calculations with absolute precision.

HPK Measurement Coupler
The newly developed HPK Measurement Coupler enables a minimally invasive testing method for measuring the reliability of RF voltages and currents. In conjunction with a dedicated calibration process, patented algorithms accurately calculate the RF currents and voltages in the calibration reference plane. Furthermore, due to the minimal invasion techniques deployed by the coupler there is no risk of impairment to harness performance when under test. The watertight and robust design also means testing can be carried out under any environmental conditions.   

HPK Calibration Kit
Although the HPK measurement coupler includes calibration data, an optional HPK calibration kit is also available. Combined with the RCTD software it enables customers to manage their own calibration requirements themselves. A set of all necessary calibration standards is provided and a description for the acquisition of calibration files is included in the RCTD user manual.

RCTD Software
Rosenberger Calibrated Time Domain Software (RCTD) was developed to enhance EMC-related, automotive high-voltage measurement capabilities. Within the RCTD Software, the time domain data captured by an oscilloscope using the high-voltage coupler is post-processed to calculate high frequency currents and voltages at the given calibration plane within the high-voltage power train. Therefore, calibration data is created and taken into account before measurement occurs.


  • Applications in electric vehicles include the connection between battery, inverter, and PDU

Rosenberger Series Code H4

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