Highly compact, HVR®420 connectors offer the highest current carrying capacity in the Rosenberger product portfolio. Even the 95 mm² variant safely enables current transmission of 420 A. Furthermore, the additional slide locking mechanism (CPA – Connector Position Assurance) prevents accidental disconnection. Typical applications include supercharging electric vehicle batteries up to 450 kWh.

Product Portfolio

  • Right angle connector
  • Header


  • Current capacity (95 mm²) 420 A at 85 °C
  • Working voltage 1000 V DC
  • Test voltage 2500 V DC
  • IP class mated acc. to IP6K9K / IPX8
  • IP class unmated acc. to IPXXB
  • Vibration class acc. to LV215 PG17-II
  • Mating cycles ≥ 50
  • Cross sections 35 mm², 70 mm², 95 mm²
  • Double header in design (test voltage 4300 V DC)


  • Highest performance up to 420 A
  • With HVIL
  • Additional slide locking mechanism (CPA – Connector Position Assurance)


  • Charging and supercharging unit for E-car application

Rosenberger Series Code HA

Product Overview and Resources