Rosenberger RPC-2.92 precision connectors have an impedance of 50 Ω and an outer diameter of 2.92 mm. They are applicable for test & measurement applications up to 40 GHz. The shortened male pin and fourfold slotted female center contact allow these high-quality connectors to meet the highest levels of reliability and repeatability performance. RPC-2.92 connectors are intermateable with common 2.92, 3.50, SMA, as well as K connectors.

The wide product range comprises cable, PCB and panel connectors, adaptors, interchangeable port connectors, attenuators as well as test & measurement accessories. These include RPC-2.92 calibration kits, test cables, opens, shorts, loads, attenuators, airlines or sliding loads.

For test & measurement applications in future 5G networks the frequency range of selected RPC-2.92 adaptors, cable assemblies and compact calibration kits has been extended up to 43.5 GHz.


Product Portfolio

  • Cable connectors
  • Panel connectors (soldering and solderless)
  • Adaptors (coaxial and waveguide)
  • Test port adaptors and test port cables for VNA applications
  • Test cables & cable assemblies
  • Calibration, verification & gauge kits
  • Measurement equipment (open, short, load, terminations)
  • Airlines & DC blocks
  • Ruggedized versions
  • Tools & accessories



  • Impedance 50 Ω
  • Interface according to IEC 60169-35
  • Frequency range DC up to 40 GHz, extended for 5G up to 43.5 GHz
  • Return loss > 23 dB @ DC – 40 GHz
  • Mating cycles > 500
  • Air dielectric with PS/PTFE bead
  • Stainless steel outer contact



  • Intermateable with common 2.92 mm, 3.50 mm, SMA and K connectors
  • For future 5G networks extended up to 43.5 GHz
  • Screw-on/Threaded locking mechanism – defined torque
  • Reliable and reproducible



  • Precision measurements in microwave applications up to 40 GHz
  • For future 5G networks extended up to 43.5 GHz
  • Suitable for semi-rigid cables and microwave components


Rosenberger Series Code 02

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