Rosenberger RoSPE-Industrial connectors are 360° shielded differential connector systems for Single Pair Ethernet applications. The newly developed system has successfully combined high-performance data transmission, of up to 2.5 GHz, in a compact yet robust industrial grade housing.

Apart from ensuring high-bitrate data transmission, savings on installation space and weight, a further major advantage of this connector system is its modularity, providing the flexibility to support a wide range of Ethernet applications and industry protocols. Among others, this makes the Rosenberger RoSPE-Industrial  highly suited for use by those designing solutions for the process and automation industries as well as building automation.

ICE 63171-2 (IP20)
The standardized connectors according to IEC 63171-2 (compatible with IEC 63171-5) are currently the smallest connectors for building and industrial cabling.
Due to the reduced number of wire pairs used for communication, cables and connectors are dimensioned smaller. As a result, this small-format module saves installation space and weight. It thus offers cost-effective, resource-saving and future-proof networking.

IEC 63171-5 (IP67)
The newly developed system in size M8/M12 has successfully combined high-performance data and power transmission, in a compact yet robust industrial grade housing.
Standardized IEC 63171-5 interfaces (compatible to IEC 63171-2) make them ideal for efficient and consistent data and power transmission in the process and automation industries as well as building automation, even under extreme conditions.

Smart Plug
The Smart Plug simplifies the implementation of SPE in the customer devices by integrating all necessary components. A 10BASE-T1L or
10BASE-T1S  MAC Phy provides ethernet connectivity to a processor over SPI. Existing automation systems in industry but also in buildings can be quickly converted to SPE.   

T-Adaptor for Multidrop 
The T-Adaptor enables the classic application according to the IEEE-standard for 10BASE-T1S and meets industry standards IP20 and IP67 requirements. Miniaturization is achieved through a patent using ferrite cores.
Multiple components can be connected with a single cable via multidrop. This reduces the required installation space, simplifies cabling and requires fewer recources.    



Product Portfolio IP20

  • Cable connectors
  • PCB connectors
  • Cable assemblies


Product Portfolio IP67

  • Cable connectors 
  • PCB connectors 
  • Cable assemblies
  • Waterproof versions






  • Standardised according IEC 63171-2 and -5
  • IEC 63171-2 and -5 are intermateable
  • Frequency range DC up to 2.5 GHz
  • Mating cycles ≥ 750
  • Waterproof versions
  • Protection class IP 20 and IP 67
  • IP 67 as a standard M8/M12 connector
  • Suitable for STP, UTP and SPP cables
  • Small dimensions


Features T-Adaptor

  • Multidrop
  • 10BASE-T1S Applications




  • Highly compact and robust
  • Cost optimized
  • Waterproof (IP 67)


Portfolio Smart Plug

  • 10BASE-T1L Modul
  • 10BASE-T1S Modul


  • Connector with integrated MAC-PHY
  • 10BASE-T1S and 10 BASE-T1L type with same pinout and size
  • Channel interface according to IEC 63171-5
  • Intermateable with IEC 63171-2
  • Controller interface SPI




  • For Single Pair Ethernet applications
  • For the process- and automation industry
  • Suitable for STP, UTP and SPP cables


Supported Protocols

  • IEEE 802.3cg: 10BASE-T1
  • IEEE 802.3bw: 100BASE-T1
  • IEEE 802.3bp: 1000BASE-T1
  • IEEE 802.3ch: MultiGigBASE-T1
  • IEEE 802.3bu: Power over Data Line

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