Shaping Technologies


Whether Large or Small Quantities, the Rosenberger Group Manufactures High-Quality Piece Parts with Maximum Precision; even at High Complexity for All Business Areas

Shaping is a mechanical process by which parts are produced in the desired shape. The resultant excess material is removed as chips. In addition to the use of innovative production plants Rosenberger sets quality standards throughout the entire production process: maintenance and servicing of machines is carried out internally. Furthermore, the rigorous raw material procurement system and high degree of automation in the finishing of produced parts minimizes pre- and post-processing. The company's custom solution guarantees a short turnaround from product development to series production, including extensive quality testing at all stages of production.


Process Steps in Shaping Technologies

Rosenberger’s process-oriented approach ensures an optimal material flow with parts adapted and shaped according to the following steps: 

  • Prefabrication of a sample for series and large series
  • Management of production resources and tools
  • Finishing of manufactured parts
  • Surface treatment of material
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Planning, control and coordination of the production process

Manufacturing Plants

The Rosenberger Group uses innovative machinery and automatic production equipment for the production of high-quality parts: Combined expertise with maximum precision for small, medium or large series piece parts including inner and outer conductors, insulating parts or nuts.

 Overview: Production plants


High-end products require innovative tools. The continuous development of tool solutions is carried out hand in hand with users. In this way, the Rosenberger Group ensures that the shaping tools meet the exact technological and budget requirements of the target group.

The use of different grinding centers leads to optimum cycle times, highest quality, and the greatest process reliability. Rosenberger competence is reliable: Tolerances are guaranteed for cutting tools which are at most in the µ-range.

The Rosenberger Group offers a high degree of automation in the finishing of produced parts on special machines.

In addition, a variety of different machining processes such as milling, drilling, tapping, deburring, pressing, bending, cleaning, grinding, hardening, soft annealing, tempering and labelling enable the precise manufacture of customer-specific products.

Blasting Plants

80 % of manufactured components are refined during deburring by using various blasting processes. For particularly complex components the Rosenberger Group makes use of its carousel blasting system which enables spot blasting. The high efficiency of the machining process results from a high degree of automation and the use of robots for material feeding.

Cleaning Plants

Fully automated systems clean manufactured components and purchased parts, removing oils and grease by using perchloroethylene and hydrocarbon. Every month, about 90 million parts undergo this cleaning process via conveyor belt.

Quality Management

Quality can be measured: Rosenberger uses a coordinate measuring system to ensure high-quality production. With the help of this 3D system the components are approached from all sides and precisely measured. In this way, previously defined quality characteristics such as coaxiality, concentricity, position specifications, symmetry and angle can be precisely determined and inspected with the aid of a camera system. These measurements are carried out during series production and extend to test features in prefabrication as well as incoming and outgoing goods and complaints.

Environmental Protection

Success with responsibility: In its role as a globally operating industrial company, the Rosenberger Group recognizes its responsibility for protecting the environment. In doing so, the reduction of emissions potentially harmful to the environment is equally as important as the careful use of scarce resources. In shaping technologies this means processing lubricating oils, extracting liquid residues from chips and recycling machined material according to type.


Shaping Technologies at Rosenberger in Numbers


11,000 m² production area distributed over eight halls and buildings


820 million piece parts produced on average per year


300 high-quality machines used in the production process


410 employees - including six apprentices per year - responsible for shaping technologies