Shaping Technologies – Production Plants

In Shaping, as a Special Metalworking Process, the Correct Use of Innovative Machines and Tools is of Particular Importance

Among others, reliable and powerful systems serve to exclude variations in the production of parts and thus ensure a stable process. The Rosenberger Group uses modern machinery and automatic production equipment for the manufacture of high-quality products - with maximum precision; for small, medium or large series parts. Due to its in-house expertise all maintenance and servicing of equipment is carried out by Rosenberger.

Hydraulic Rotary Transfer Machines

Hydraulic machine technology is mainly used for the production of large series. Each workpiece to be machined is partially processed at each station until it is finally produced. This is because all turning, milling and drilling operations are carried out simultaneously, thus enabling economical and complete production. In addition, the hydraulic and CNC-controlled machines ensure the machining of highly complex parts in a short  time frame.

Rotary Transfer Machines - Mikron Multistar

Like Rosenberger’s hydraulic machinery, the Mikron Multistar rotary transfer machines provide optimum results for large series. The cam-controlled machines enable the production of the smallest, highly complex components with material diameters of up to 16 millimeters - with the highest precision. This is because individual workpieces can be easily turned during the machining process if required. The material is fed in via coils (ring material) to guarantee maximum material utilization efficiency.

CNC Multi-Spindle Lathes

The CNC multi-spindle lathes combine the advantages of CNC technology with the added value of being able to process difficult materials more precisely. Workpieces machined using the turning production process and requiring high-precision production can be completely manufactured on these machines with up to 17 axes. The CNC-controlled machines can process turned parts with diameters from 17 to 51 millimeters.

Cam-Controlled Multi-Spindle Lathes

Cam-controlled multi-spindle lathes are impressive by virtue of their high cycle rates and efficiency.  Robust and easy-to-maintain, these machines allow high-precision production of turned parts with diameters from 5 to 26 millimeters while enabling process-safe production of large series at consistently high quality levels.

CNC Single-Spindle Lathes

CNC single-spindle lathes are ideally suited for production of complex precision, series and sample turned parts. In addition to metals such as brass, copper and stainless steel, the modern facilities also process Teflon and other plastics. The high-quality production is carried out in a diameter range from 0.3 to 52 millimeters.

Cam-Controlled Single-Spindle Lathes

Cam-controlled single-spindle lathes are used for the production of small and very small precision turned parts. These sliding headstock automatic lathes produce slim workpieces with extremely high precision. They are mainly used for medium and large series production - for inner conductors in a diameter range of 2 millimeters and plastic parts of one to 18 millimeters material thickness.