Radio Interface

Connectivity Solutions for Base Station Radios and Antennas

Rosenberger offers robust and powerful connection solutions that are quick and easy to install. This lowers the total cost of ownership and increases the return on investment.

4.3-10 Coaxial Connector Solution

As the world's leading provider of RF technologies, Rosenberger was an active partner in the development of the 4.3-10 connector series for mobile communication applications. This series quickly established itself as the standard interface for connection solutions for base station antennas.


  • Low, reliable and constant PIM independent of torque
  • Screw, push-pull and hand screw plug fit one universal jack
  • Outstanding insertion/return loss
  • Small footprint > 40% smaller than 7-16 connector series


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NEX10® Connector System

PIM Stability and Robustness in a Small Size

The NEX10® interface is the ideal product for applications that require PIM stability in a compact size such as Small cells, distributed antenna systems (DAS), building architecture, cluster connection solutions and MIMO.

When it comes to design and performance optimization the NEX10® connector system is an exemplar of the ongoing development of the 4.3-10 connector series.


  • Small size, 12.7 mm flange height
  • Ruggedized design with protected contact elements
  • Screw and push-pull coupling
  • -166 dBc PIM, independent of torque
  • Up to ½” jumper cables


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Cluster Connector

Reduces installation time, installation errors, and the space required on the antenna end plates.

As the number of port numbers on base station antennas increases, managing RF lines becomes more difficult. Cluster connectors such as MQ4 and MQ5 help antenna manufacturers and installers in the field to keep the antenna end plate organized and to keep track of the cable routing. The new NEX10® single interface can also be manufactured according to customer-specific requirements.

Coaxial Jumper Cable

Our many years of experience and extensive know-how in the development and production of leading PIM test devices flowed into the design of Rosenberger's coaxial jumper cables.

Worldwide these have the best PIM values of -117 dBm / 160 dBc at 2 x 20 W (typically -120 dBm / -163 dBc @ 2 x 20 W), which Rosenberger can guarantee for each individual cable.


  • Factory made - every assembly is 100 % PIM and return loss tested and serialized
  • Superior performance up to 6 GHz
  • Measurement-protocol available for each jumper on a webportal
  • High quality – PIM and VSWR 100% tested

Return Loss

  • DC - 1GHz          ≥ 32dB
  • 1 - 2.2 GHz         ≥ 30dB
  • 2.2 - 2.7 GHz      ≥ 28dB
  • 2.7 - 6 GHz         ≥ 23dB

Insertion Loss typ. (½”R – flexible)

  • DC - 1 GHz        ≤ 0.07dB/m + 0.01db
  • 1 - 2.2 GHz        ≤ 0.11dB/m + 0.015db
  • 2.2 - 2.7 GHz     ≤ 0.125dB/m + 0.016db
  • 2.7 - 6 GHz        ≤ 0.22dB/m + 0.01db

Insertion Loss typ. (½”S – super flexible)

  • DC - 1 GHz        ≤ 0.10dB/m + 0.01db
  • 1 - 2.2 GHz        ≤ 0.168dB/m + 0.015db
  • 2.2 - 2.7 GHz     ≤ 0.19dB/m + 0.016db
  • 2.7 - 6 GHz        ≤ 0.31dB/m + 0.01db

Multi-Power Connector

Multi-power connectors are used to supply power to the RRH in telecommunications networks. With a current strength of up to 55 A they meet the current and future power requirements of 5G cellular networks. Rosenberger produces panel connectors with customer-specific connection to the circuit board as well as cable connectors that can be installed on site.

Rosenberger's cable connectors are unique in terms of their user-friendliness;  the new assembly concept combines a safe and reliable connection with a quick and easy installation process. In order to shorten the installation time on site Rosenberger also offers factory-made power jumper cables.


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Quick and easy installation on site

The continuous expansion and consolidation of LTE and 5G networks requires future-proof and versatile connectivity solutions between BBU / PSU and RRHs.

Rosenberger plug & play FTTA / PTTA solutions have a neutral interface point to ensure efficient and cost-effective installations, upgrades, swaps and the addition of new technology components.

Solution Portfolio

  • Enclosures for indoor fiber optic connectors for use outdoors and in harsh environments: can be installed on-site on commercially available fiber optic modules, or pre-installed for quick and easy assembly in the field
  • Fiber-on-power distribution solutions for all scenarios: discrete or trunk cabling, direct connection to devices or solutions with distribution boxes
  • Power connections: can be installed on site or supplied as factory-made power jumper cables for quick and easy installation in the field