EMC Measurement Technology

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Describes how Efficiently a Device Functions in an Electromagnetic Environment without Causing Interference to the Operation of Other Nearby Electrical Equipment

For example an automobile includes various complex networks and bus systems for enabling safety, comfort and mobility functions. These must always be kept free of electromagnetic interference.

EMC Laboratory

Rosenberger´s EMC Laboratory features a modern absorb cabin for performing the precision measurement of disturbance signals at component level certified to ISO 11452-2 and EN 55025 (CISPR 25).

The built-in ferrite and hybrid absorbers permit measurements in the 9 kHz to 18 GHz frequency range for antennae, coupling clamps and striplines.

Furthermore, Rosenberger carries out an extensive range of accompanying development tests. This includes for example signal integrity measurements on high-speed data connections, coupling mechanisms within high-voltage systems and  measurements of the far-field radiation characteristics of active and passive RF components.

Shielding Measurement Technology

Rosenberger has Developed - in Close Co-Operation with German Cable Manufacturer Bedea – the CoMeT Shield Measurement System for Determining the Coupling Impedance between the Inner and Outer Circuit in Triaxial Set-Ups

The measurement is carried out with the use of a network analyzer and is now widely adopted as part of the IEC industry standard method (series IEC 62153-4-X). Much of the practical and theoretical knowledge gained by Rosenberger in the day-to-day use of this system is a result of its active standardization work and the continuous optimization of the standard.

With the assistance of the triaxial shielding measurement the shielding properties of cables and connectors caused by coupling impedance and shield attenuation can be precisely measured. This allows engineers to assess different shielded cable concepts regarding their shielding properties.

Together with a community of co-operation partners a graphic user interface has also been developed to easily capture measurement results and compare them with the theoretically calculated shield attenuation.

Finally, in conjunction with bedea Rosenberger has developed the CoMeT measuring tube for evaluating the effect of shielding (shield attenuation, coupling impedance and coupling attenuation) on coaxial and symmetrical cables and connectors.

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