Tool Technologies


Tools and Equipment are Required in Assembly, Stamping Technologies and in Piece Parts Production as well as in Quality Assurance and in the Laboratory

These are often highly specialized and precise designs, forming the basis of an efficient value-added chain. At the Rosenberger Group the development and manufacture of high-tech components, tools and complex operating equipment is therefore carried out by its own personnel. As designers and toolmakers, these successfully contribute the competence and experience necessary in manufacturing, assembly and stamping technology as well as fixture construction. Every tool produced and all material selected serve precisely defined applications which in turn demand dedicated approaches to design and implementation.


What is Tool Technology?

In addition to speed, precision, technical know-how and attention to detail, modern tool design and construction calls for a competent view of the entire process. Quality, reliability and economic efficiency are essential parameters of toolmaking. For this reason the Rosenberger Group relies on in-house expertise in all areas. This enables it to comprehensively address even the most demanding challenges:

  • Design and production of new tools, devices, gauges and test equipment
  • Repair, modification and duplication of tools
  • Development and implementation of technically highly complex special machinery

Operating Equipment Design

In Order to Manufacture Operating Equipment Accurately it Must First be Designed in Great Detail. This Requires Precision and a Distinct Technical Understanding.

With the aid of 3D CAD applications the Rosenberger Group specifies and designs tools, assembly devices and special machinery at the highest quality level. From semi-automatic machines to soldering jigs, whether component, assembly or complex system: Solutions from Rosenberger are as individual and professional as the design requirements are varied.


3D Printing at Rosenberger

Rosenberger relies on two different 3D printing processes to build mounts, fixtures, assembly tools and samples for product development, which have their advantages in different areas of application.

SLA 3D Printing

In SLA printing (stereolithography) , synthetic resin is cured layer by layer using a UV laser. This technology is suitable for small to medium-sized parts that require a high level of detail.

SLS 3D Printing

In SLS printing (selective laser sintering), plastic powder is melted layer by layer by laser. This technology is mainly used for medium to large parts where high stability is a prerequisite.

Processes in Tool & Jigmaking

The manufacturing process of tools and jigs entails highly complex precision processes. Rosenberger uses various manufacturing methods:

  • Drilling, (CNC) turning
  • NC and HSC milling
  • Wire cut and die sinking EDM
  • Grinding, CNC surface and profile grinding
  • Laser marking
  • Laser welding
  • Polishing blasting
  • Hardening / heat treatment
  • Inert-gas welding
  • 3D printing

Quality Assurance

Perfection needs precision: for maximum product quality, the highest tool quality is a decisive basis. That's why quality assurance at Rosenberger is carried out with the aid of internal and external machine tool measurement and test equipment. The focus is always on continuous improvement through training of employees and the use of new technologies.


Tool Technology at Rosenberger in Numbers


800 tools produced monthly


3,200 m² total area


125 employees responsible for tool technology and operating equipment design