Stamping Technologies


With Acceptable Tolerances Now in the Range of a Hundredth of a Millimeter, the Production of Electronic Connectors Requires the Highest Precision

The Rosenberger Group meets these increased requirements with its high-quality stamping technology. Competence and experience guarantees reliable pluggability as well as highly resilient, stamped and formed (SF) connectors; especially under demanding conditions such as those found in the automotive industry. Rosenberger quality is assured by the adoption of fully automated processes with 100% repeatability. Maximum efficiency is achieved by the integration of the latest cable assemblies during the initial design phase of all SF connectors.


What is Stamping Technology?

Stamping technology includes both stamping and bending processes. At Rosenberger it is used for the fully automated production of high-frequency connectors and simultaneous assembly of associated individual components. This technology offers significant advantages:

  • Cost optimization
  • Reduced use of materials
  • Fast production of large quantities
  • Guaranteed plug compatibility
  • Process-safe manufacturing
  • Precision

Production Plants

Fast, Precise and Highly Optimized

At Rosenberger’s Fridolfing facility various machine types are used for enabling precise and extreme deformation of raw materials and fast pulsing of large quantities. In addition to extensive stamping, forming and embossing operations, Rosenberger machines are used to bring together, join, laser-weld and, if required, laser-mark a large number of pieces. This takes place directly in the processing area of the machine with minimum set-up and assembly times.

The necessary tool constructions for the specially equipped stamping and forming assembly machines are designed and produced as far as possible in the company's own tool shop.

With the help of its strip stamping technology Rosenberger produces high quantities with maximum repeatability and short reaction and running times. The implementation of the production process from strip material to the high-quality end product is carried out with maximum production speed, cost-efficiently and precisely.

Rosenberger uses pure and partially tinned copper, copper-tin (CuSn..) as well as stainless steel strips as raw materials


Quality Management

Complete Control with Innovative Technology

Industrial image processing guarantees fully automatic machine inspection. A combination of hardware and software ensures error-free execution of complex production. Digital sensors inside industrial cameras with special optics for image acquisition analyze and monitor all process steps. If products are in need of adjustment they are immediately scanned prior to checking for errors against the respective design data.


Stamping Technology at Rosenberger in Numbers


Covering a total area of 4,000 m²


  • 150 - 200 parts stamped every minute
  • 430 million parts produced on average per year

76 employees responsible for stamping processes