Connector Assembly

The Assembly of a Range of Different Connector Types is Undertaken on Fully-Automatic Systems

These are engineered by the company‘s in-house specialists who have an in-depth knowledge of the products – right from the initial concept phase. Integrated process controls utilizing measurement and test systems, for measuring all paramaters relevant to customized product features, are planned into the assembly systems. This enables a maximum focus on meeting the precise requirements of customers.

As might be expected in the new Industry 4.0 era of ‘industrial digitalization’, the assembly control systems are highly connected for ensuring optimal assembly machine performance and efficiency while also assuring the highest levels of quality and precision. All quality-relevant characteristics are tested during the assembly process.

Flawless Products Through Automated Assembly

The Self-Imposed Zero-Defect-Production of the Rosenberger Group is the Foundation of All the Automated Assembly Processes Used for its Connector and Cable Solutions

This results in 100 % repeatability and therefore cost reductions. 

The high availability of the company’s assembly machines relies totally on its responsive, professional servicing and maintenance team and the optimization of work performed by Rosenberger employees.

Assembly Automation

For Precise and Efficient Assembly of High-Frequency Connectors, Rosenberger Uses Fully Automated Rotary Cycle and Linear Transfer Systems

Up to 20 different working steps are carried out in a full-automated machine per assembly process – curve control, electronic servo axes and industrial robots ensure flexibility, precision and quality of the production.

Rosenberger’s production process is based totally on customer requirements. No matter if it’s fully assembled connectors, further processing or supplies of individual parts, everything takes place automatically and without compromising quality.

Quality Management

The Innovative Technology Utilized by the Company’s Assembly Systems Assures the Highest Levels of Quality and Precision

All quality-relevant characteristics are tested during the assembly process.

The following systems are used:

  • Precisions-robots with high repeat accuracy
  • Cameras with industrial image processing
  • Connection dimension measurements
  • Force displacement measurements

All of these enable total control of each and every machine.

Manual Connector-Assembly

The assembly of high-frequency and high-voltage connectors in models or pre-serial-status is made with the help of supervised force displacement knee-lever-pressing, pneumatic supported press or supervised industrial screwdriver. The specific tools necessary for this quality assurance are designed and produced by Rosenberger itself. 

Innovative technology such as vacuum- and camera-supervision validate the customized test criteria already present in the production process. This makes it possible to achieve high flexibility and optimized machine utilization.

The final quality control procedure is performed by standardized primary-piece-, sample inspection- or final-piece-control and hundred-percent-controls.

Right from the start of every product concept-phase the respective Rosenberger Group production facility creates comprehensive and detailed documentation of the future assembly process. This ensures assembly will be fast and accurate for the respective series products and can also be implemented in the automated production of customized pieces, thereby maximizing cost efficiencies and accuracy.