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Dual Studies at Rosenberger


Practice-oriented, dual studies combine a Bachelor's degree - in partnership with Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) – with intensive practical work experience phases at Rosenberger. The theoretical content and practical phases alternate on a three monthly basis.


You will be working on-site at Rosenberger in various technical or commercial departments. In order to learn in the most practical way you will be integrated into the day-to-day operations of the business, taking on project activities which are applied in actual work processes.

After successful completion of your Bachelor's degree there is the possibility of employment by Rosenberger. Graduates of these courses of study are employed in various business or technical areas at the company for example in Product Management, Design, Research and Development, Assembly Process Development and Quality Management.

Study Courses at Universities Offering Practical Experience at Rosenberger:

  • Business Administration Industry (B. A.) in Ravensburg
  • Mechanical Engineering (B. Eng.) in Friedrichshafen
  • Integrated Engineering (B. Eng.) in Mannheim
  • Mechatronics (B. Eng.) in Mannheim
  • Electrical Engineering (B. Eng.) in Friedrichshafen
  • Industrial Engineering (B. Eng.) in Friedrichshafen
  • Business Information Systems (B. Sc.) in Ravensburg
  • Computer Science (B. Sc) in Friedrichshafen

You can find more information about the study on the DHBW website

How the Dual Study Program Works:

In the dual study program the practical and theoretical phases alternate regularly. Depending on the chosen course of study these vary in length from between three and six months - you can find more detailed information on the DHBW website.

The dual study program is designed to last three years. In the first two years of study you will learn the basics of the course in both the practical and theoretical phases and gain an insight into the various departments of the company.

In the third year the contents of the course are based on your specialization and the topic of your Bachelor thesis. In this phase of your studies you will take on more responsibility and implement small projects independently.


To Recap, Here are the Key Points Concerning Dual Studies:

  • The duration of study is 3 years (six semesters)
  • Studies commence on 01.09. of each year

You should have (technical) university entrance qualification

Attractive Salary

  • You can spread your holiday over 30 working days a year
  • There are also special benefits such as holiday and Christmas bonuses, bonuses for special study achievements and travel allowances

What do I Need?

In addition to your (technical) university entrance qualification it is advantageous to be used to working independently. You should be interested in taking on new tasks and challenges and be enthusiastic about your chosen course of study.

Not a must but a possible sign of your passion for your field of study would be evidence of some initial practical experience - in the form of internships or an already completed apprenticeship.

Dual student at Rosenberger

"After my high school graduation I decided to take the dual study program at Rosenberger in cooperation with the DHBW. Apart from theoretical studies it offers the practical relevance which is important to me. In the intensive practical phases I have been able to deepen my knowledge of the theoretical blocks, helping technical connections become more comprehensible – starting with the basics working in the laboratory or training workshop and eventually handling my own project. The monthly remuneration also supports me in financing my studies."

Leonhard Starzer, Dual Studies for Mechanical Engineering

Rosenberger students in a discussion

"During my practical phases I pass through various commercial departments in the company. What’s particularly exciting about Rosenberger is that it’s a globally operating company. Therefore the tasks in both the operational and strategic areas are very varied and interesting. I also really enjoy working with colleagues as a team and the great working atmosphere."

Alina Jungkunz, Dual Studies for Business Administration


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