Success Right from the Start: Here’s what’s Important when Applying


In order to convince us with your application you need to explain in a cover letter why you are suitable for the apprenticeship you have chosen. This should also include why you feel it important that Rosenberger trains you.

In addition, you can express your personality by telling us about any special skills or interests - such as languages, stays abroad, volunteering etc. These sorts of things may help distinguish you from other applicants.

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Make Sure that Your Application Documents are Complete Including:

  • A letter of application specifically addressed to Rosenberger and free of errors
  • A tabular curriculum vitae including all important information about you
  • Copies of your last four school reports (the last report can be submitted later)
  • Certificate of internships already completed
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In Your Cover Letter You Should:

  • Explain the reason for your application as clearly as possible
  • Elaborate why you are interested in this apprenticeship and why you are suitable
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Your Curriculum Vitae in Table Form Should Contain the Following Information:

  • Name, address
  • Marital status
  • School education and qualifications
  • Completed internships (if any)
  • Vocational training (if any)
  • Professional activities (if any)
  • Further education (if any)
  • Hobbies / Interests
  • Special skills e.g. language skills, periods spent abroad
  • Voluntary commitments e.g. SMV, fire brigade, rescue service etc.
  • Your signature with the current date

How Does the Application and Selection Process Work at Rosenberger?

  • Firstly, find out exactly which Rosenberger training program suits you best. Once you have completed your application documents for the chosen apprenticeship simply upload them to the Rosenberger job portal
  • Rosenberger will confirm receipt of your documents by e-mail so you can be sure that they have been received
  • If your documents show that you meet the basic requirements for the apprenticeship applied for, you will be invited to take a digital aptitude test at Rosenberger. This test comprises three parts: general (including logical/spatial thinking, arithmetic); a part related to the apprenticeship itself; personal
  • Upon successfully passing the test you will be invited for interview
  • After your interview it will be decided whether you have been selected by as a future apprentice. You will of course receive the result in written form.
  • Finally, your vocational training contract will be sent to you - congratulations!

We look forward to seeing you!