Transport and logistics companies are supported with a variety of functions: from simple GPS location to remote reading of digital tachographs, online display of warnings and violations, plus order management using automatic communication between the driver and dispatcher.

The TACHO is a GPS-based system designed for reading, transferring and archiving speedometer data, using proven technology to guarantee smooth operation.



  • Location display of all vehicles in real-time
  • Online display of driving and rest times in real-time
  • Display of all violations in real-time
  • Printout of social report as instruction form for drivers
  • Evaluation of customer visits
  • Generation of customer-specific alarms
  • Use of the 1-minute rule


Remote Reading of Digital Tachographs

Manual insertion of driver cards in office card readers is no longer necessary – the data transmission via the mobile data network is fully automated. Furthermore, the data can be queried and evaluated at any time via the web portal.


Compliance with Legal Deadlines

All digital tachograph data is reported automatically and on time (Regulation (EEC) No. 3821/85; VO (EG) 561/2006) if necessary.

  • Tracks the current daily and weekly driving time budget for drivers in real-time via the portal
  • Violations are sorted in the portal by categories – shown as !, !!, !!!
  • Automatic creation of social reports as detailed evidence and instruction protocol

Product Overview and Resources