The SILO GPS 8000 is a battery-operated radar sensor for measuring the level of building materials in mobile silos.

Its robust construction ensures the sensor is optimized for the harsh conditions, environmental influences and mechanical loads experienced on construction sites. It is suitable for use in silos with up to 6 bar continuous pressure and features a self-sufficient energy supply by means of special high-performance batteries and specially adapted software control. The SILO GPS 8000 is therefore highly flexible and well-suited to continuous use over many years. This solution is particularly appropriate for bulk materials movement applications where mapping of the entire logistics chain is required, including building materials dealers, logistics and construction companies.

Complex, customer-specific requirements can be mapped through the extensive parameterization of reporting intervals, for determining position and levels depending on the time, day of the week and month. Additional message profiles can also be set depending on material movement.



  • Real-time data exchange to the customer's ERP system
  • Data exchange via LTE CAT1 with fallback to 3G and 2G
  • Suitable for pressure silos up to 6 bar continuous pressure
  • Temperature range -40 ° C to + 70 ° C
  • Protection class IP67
  • Robust housing
  • Level measurement via radar
  • Magnetic product activation
  • GPS / GLONASS position determination
  • Autonomous operation via battery – up to 10,000 messages (depending on cellular quality and configuration)
  • 9-axis acceleration sensor for position detection
  • Battery residual energy measurement
  • CE conformity
  • Configuration of transmission intervals depending on the application



  • Optimization of logistics processes by recording fill levels
  • Positioning of silos
  • Temperature measurement at the silo site

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