RoPD®-PCB Connectors as a Design Alternative to Cable Assemblies


PCB panel plugs for direct contact on the printed circuit board

For sustainable, climate-friendly transport and less noise, small light electric vehicles (LEVs) are on the rise, especially in metropolitan areas. The Rosenberger RoPD® connection system is ideal for many LEV connection applications – including battery changing and charging – where frequent connection and disconnection is required. 


Printed Circuit Board connectors new in the portfolio
As a design alternative to cable assemblies, RoPD® PCB connectors for direct contact on the PCB are available now, e.g. for battery pack, charging socket or for contacting for engine or drive.

  • RoPD® PCB panel plug round flange
  • RoPD® PCB panel plug square flange

RoPD® - Rosenberger Power Data Connectors with magnetic self-mating mechanism are purpose-designed for Light Electric Vehicles (LEV) including e-bikes, e-scooters and pedelecs as well as for UGVs, whell chairs and drones. Providing fast and reliable magnetic connection, these are particularly suited to data communication and power transmission of voltages up to 60 V and current loads up to 40 A.


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RoPD® - Rosenberger Power Data Connectors for Light Electric Vehicles