Realize the Shielding Dividend


1000BASE-T1 in Vehicle Implementation

Paper by Thomas Müller, Christoph Huber, Dr. Gunnar Armbrecht

Unlike 100BASE-T1, 1000BASE-T1 over unshielded transmission channels doesn’t meet all EMC requirements at vehicle level at present. Therefore, shielded cabling systems are predominantly used for Gigabit Ethernet. While shielded systems have been added to the cabling specification in OPEN Alliance (OA) TC9, the circuitry on the printed circuit board (Media Dependent Interface, MDI) has not yet been adapted in TC12. Is the use of shielded systems only transitory? If not, there is untapped potential for cost and space savings.

Published in WEKA-Verlag "Elektronik automotive", 4/2022, page 12

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