Rosenberger Sets Standards for Premier Safety with B2ca Cables


Highest Fire Protection According to CPR

Safety takes precedence, especially in construction projects. Rosenberger B2ca cables do not compromise on this aspect, setting new benchmarks in fire protection. These cables not only comply with the demanding European standard EN 50575 for construction products but also establish a new standard for exceptional fire safety.

In environments where the risk of fires is particularly high, such as airports, hospitals, commercial spaces, hotels, and daycare centers, Rosenberger B2ca-classified cables play an indispensable role. These high-quality cables are strategically employed to mitigate the risk of potential fires. Thanks to their classification in the highest fire protection category, they are in high demand in public areas with elevated security requirements.

With B2ca cables, we offer proven quality and reliability, ensuring optimal fire protection in sensitive environments for all installation scenarios.

Our extensive range of cables is available directly from stock to meet your needs without delay.

Why install Cca cable products, when you can get Rosenberger cable products, rated B2ca without adding additional premium costs.



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