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PCB Connectors
Rosenberger offers a wide range of PCB connectors, which are tailored to the high demands of industrial test applications. The product range includes many common standard RF series, e.g. SMP, WSMP, Mini-SMP, SMA, QMA, SMB, MCX or Mini-Coax, but also innovative coaxial series such as P-SMP, Longwipe-SMP, FMC or Micro-RF.

For specific test & measurement applications, Rosenberger develops and produces modular connector systems for DC frequencies up to 50 GHz, solderless PCB mount connectors for ultra-high frequency applications up to 110 GHz or spring-loaded coax systems (> 2,500 matings, pairwise phase matching 10 ps standard, different cable lengths).
WSMP Connectors
PCB Connectors
Rosenberger provides a variety of standard and high-precision PCB connectors for test & measurement applications. The standard portfolio includes N, BNC, SMA, SMP, Mini-SMP, WSMP, and ZSMP, for example.
The precision connector range includes connector heads, cable connectors, and adaptors from the following series, for example: RPC-N, RPC-TNC, RPC-7, RPC-SP, RPC-3.50, RPC-2.92, RPC-2.40, RPC-1.85,RPC-1.00.
Modular Connector System
Modular Connector System
The Rosenberger modular connector system improves existing solutions and fulfills the increasing requirements of test and measurement industries. To cover the whole frequency range from DC to 50 GHz, only one part of PCB contact has to be processed.

Solderless PCB Connectors
Solderless PCB
Rosenberger provides a wide product range of solderless PCB connectors for challenging test & measurement demands. These PCB connectors can easily be assembled by using screws.

The product spectrum includes: 
  • Economic solderless PCB connectors for standard applications with frequencies up to 70 GHz 
  • High-performance solderless PCB connectors for frequencies up to 110 GHz
  • Test PCBs, assembled with two PCB connectors
Multiport Mini-Coax Connectors
Multiport Mini-Coax Connectors
Multiport Mini-Coax Connectors
Rosenberger provides a wide range of multiport-mini-coax connectors and cable assemblies for board-to-board applications up to 40 GHz.
The range covers PCB connectors, suitable cable connectors which can be bundled in housings (2, 4, 6 and 8 channels), and various cable assembly sets.
Product  Features:
  • Frequency range: DC to 20 GHz, new: DC to 40 GHz
  • High packing density – small dimensions (0.12” / 3 mm pitch)
  • Mating cycles > 500
  • Pair matching and phase-matching up to 2 ps (for cable assemblies)
  • High electrical and mechanical stability
Spring Loaded Coax
Spring Loaded Coax System
For test & mesasurement applications, e.g. quick printed-circuit-board characterizations, Rosenberger has developed the Spring Loaded Coax system. The system is designed to make quick, reliable and low-abrasion connections up to 40 GHz to single-layer or multi-layer printed circuit boards with the microwave layer on the top. The system covers SMA cable assemblies (up to 18 GHz) and RPC-2.92 cable assemblies (up to 40 GHz).

RPC-1.00 for Applications up to 110 GHz
RPC-1.00 for Applications up to 110 GHz
Rosenberger RPC-1.00 connectors – with 50 Ω impedance and 1.00 mm outer conductor – can be used for challenging test & measurement applications up to 110 GHz.
The new revised standard portfolio covers cable assemblies, adaptors and PCB connectors. Waveguide-to-coaxial adaptors as well as gauge kits are also available. Customer-specific cable assembly solutions are available on request. RPC-1.00 connectors meet the highest levels of reliability and repeatability of performance.
Layout Recommendations - Customized Footprints
Layout Recommendations
The RF performance and quality of surface mount connections depends on various parameters, such as substrate thickness and board-stack-up. Optimized for your application, we provide customer-specific footprints and layout recommendations.