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Plating Technology
Whether corrosion protection, optimized conductivity or other technical and physical features, our components are quickly and flexibly electroplated in the in-house electroplating plant. Environmental protection in surface coating is a significant issue, where emphasis is placed on saving resources, recycling and energy efficiency just as it is in production.       

In our in-house electroplating plant, our skilled workers employ the most modern systems, manufacturing techniques and measurement equipment. The excellent training and further education targeting surface treatment technology is of high importance.

We coat prototypes, small and large series for the highest technical specifications. Manual or automatic – with our flexibly designed electroplating systems we can quickly respond to customer demands and are independent of suppliers.
Rosenberger has outstanding know-how and many years of experience in the refinement of connectors and electronic components - in miniature versions or in large designs.

Our standard surfaces are copper, electrolytic and chemical nickel, pure tin, white bronze as well as the noble metals silver and gold.  Coating systems and layer thicknesses are adapted to suit the required demands of the specifications.

At Rosenberger, the most modern measuring equipment is used for process monitoring or product inspection in electroplating. In our own laboratory, we use electrolyte and waste water monitoring, e.g. an ICP as well as further electroplating-specific analysis methods.

Several X-rays are available for inspecting the layer thicknesses. Material analysis is undertaken using a scanning electron microscope. The laboratory and the quality inspection are available in 3-cycle shifts around the clock to ensure that the quality remains perfect.

Our employees participate regularly in in-house and external training sessions. The electroplating department is known to be an excellent place to train within the sector. Many of the skilled workers were trained within the company and have gone on to qualify as master tradesmen and technicians over the years.
As a surface treatment operation, Rosenberger has a particular responsibility for environmental protection. Here as in the production, recycling and energy efficiency of raw materials and resource consumption are of primary importance. A central topic here is the treatment of effluent.