PIM Site Analyzer alpha


Site Testing – Broadband. Precise. Future-proof.

The Rosenberger portable and multifunctional broadband PIM Site Analyzer alpha provides the best alternative of performing the most precise and efficient PIM tests on site.

The PIM Site Analyzer alpha consists of a single master unit with band-specific, interchangeable filter units, since the form factor of the filter units is the same. Take out one filter unit, e.g., 900 MHz, and replace with another filter unit, e.g., 1800 MHz, without any calibration of the filter unit, potential adaptors, test cable, or operational mode(s). Future-proof plug and play concept covering 700 to 2700 MHz.



  • Optional broadband VSWR/RL module incl. DTF measurement (error correction with open/short/match)
  • Built-in WiFi for remote control via optional Android tablet
  • Operation via batteries or external power supply
  • VSWR/return loss measurements
  • Antenna isolation measurement
  • Integrated spectrum analyzer
  • 12" touchscreen
  • Intuitive software operation
  • Exchangeable test port adaptors (7-16 and 4.3-10)



Standard Accessory Kit Included with Delivery of Every New Unit
No matter which model, there is some basic accessories which we deliver with every new unit. Some of the content is equipment type or country specific (e.g. power plug, manual) – please see data sheet to find out which one is suitable to your application.


Accessory Kit for Site Testing
This optionally available accessory kit is optimized for field use and includes most frequently used adaptors, test cables, tools as well as a low PIM termination.



  • Broadband base unit 700 to 2700 MHz with field interchangeable, band-specific filter units
  • Stressed PIM tests – continuous wave (CW) signal simulates real operating conditions of the base station (in conformity with IEC 62037-1)
  • Outstanding PIM performance < -125 dBm (< -130 dBm typical)
  • No on-site calibration
  • Accuracy of < 0.3 m for PIM distance to fault (DTF) measurement
  • Future-proof for upcoming bands


Service & Support

Warranty, Repair & Calibrations

Rosenberger Passive Intermodulation Analyzers are provided with a 12 months warranty. To ensure highest precision of measurements, we recommend a factory calibration interval of 12 months. In-house calibration & repair service is optionally available. If you wish to send back a unit for factory calibration or repair, for smooth transaction please find handling information in our fact sheet or simply contact us.



  • Site Testing


    2-Port PIM Test Solution – Reliable Classification and Detection of External PIM

    The versatile Rosenberger 2-port PIM testing solution combines the functionality of a traditional one port test system with a new 2-port test system to distinguish internal PIM-sources from external PIM-sources.

    • One port: same power of f1 and f2 at PIM-source. If PIM is found, source can be internal (transmission path) or external (beyond antenna).
    • Two ports: f1 to Antenna 1, f2 to Antenna 2. No PIM on transmission path possible. If PIM is found, it must be external.


    PIM Hunting
    Furthermore the additional RX port on the 2 port filter unit enables the built-in receiver. In combination with a PIM hunting probe it is possible to detect external PIM-sources around the antennas. With this integrated solution an additional spectrum analyzer to operate the PIM hunting probe is not needed.


    • PIM test under typical scenarios (e.g. 2 antennas using different wavebands)
    • Configurable menu (1 or 2 port measurement)
    • Clearly differentiate internal from external PIM
    • Additional RX port for connection of test probe for external PIM detection
    • Integrated DTF module
    • No separate spectrum analyzer needed
    • Adjustable PIM level beep tone via bluetooth speaker or remote tablet

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