PIM Rack Analyzer


Testing in Production Environment – Exceptionally modular. Precise. Efficient.

Rosenberger Rack Analyzers are designed to make PIM tests in production or test lab environments exceptionally modular, precise, and efficient.

The budget-friendly broadband base unit concept offers maximum flexibility thanks to the option of connecting up to 11 filter units to one base unit. Integrated DTF measurement enables faster fault-finding by accurately pointing out the source of PIM.

With the plug-and-play filter concept, intuitive software operation and easy-to-replace dust filters, it is possible to create a significant reduction in production downtime caused by changes in test frequencies or maintenance and servicing work.



  • Intuitive, user friendly software operation
  • Easy-to-replace dust filters to reduce downtime caused by maintenance work
  • No production downtime when setup is rearranged (plug-and-play filter inserts)
  • 9" touchscreen, Win7 OS
  • Temperature controlled fan for quiet operation
  • Optional safety port to remote disable amplifiers from test chamber contact
  • Exchangeable test port adaptors (7-16 and 4.3-10)



Standard Accessory Kit Included with Delivery of Every New Unit
No matter which model, there is some basic accessories which we deliver with every new unit. Some of the content is equipment type or country specific (e.g. power plug, manual) – please see data sheet to find out which one is suitable to your application.


Accessory Kit for Production/Lab Testing
This optionally available accessory kit with low PIM components includes adaptors, test cables and tools frequently used and needed in production and lab environment.



  • Broadband base units 700 to 2200 MHz and 2100 to 2700 MHz
  • Connect up to 6/11 filters to one base unit via optional easy-to-install switch matrix
  • Time-efficient, automatic band switching when measurement band is changed (thanks to the optional switch matrix)
  • Designed for 24/7 production use


Service & Support

Warranty, Repair & Calibrations

Rosenberger Passive Intermodulation Analyzers are provided with a 12 months warranty. To ensure highest precision of measurements, we recommend a factory calibration interval of 12 months. In-house calibration & repair service is optionally available. If you wish to send back a unit for factory calibration or repair, for smooth transaction please find handling information in our fact sheet or simply contact us.



  • R&D / Test lab
  • Production environment


Multi-Port, Multi-Frequency PIM Test Solution  Reduce Test Time and Connection Cycles

Rosenberger provides the answer with an innovative multi-port, multi-frequency PIM testing solution, ensuring precision testing while maximizing on time savings and ROI.

  • Modular design
  • Multiple base units and filters
  • Combiner unit
  • Direct connection to DUT via PIM test cable and quick-lock adapter


  • Reduce test time and connection cycles
  • Improve testing efficiency
  • Optimize utilization of test equipment (totex)
  • Reduce complexity of test setup
  • Minimal cabling required
  • Easily expandable
  • Capex and opex savings 

Product Overview and Resources