PIM Desktop Analyzer


Test Lab and Product Design Environment – Portable. Flexible. Budget friendly.

Rosenberger desktop analyzers are portable and flexible for R&D and test labs.

The budget friendly broadband base unit concept offers maximum flexibility to add any other filter unit in the range of 700 to 2700 MHz to the base unit. It allows continuous flexibility in an ever changing environment.



  • Single band units for band specific testing
  • Outstanding dynamic residual IM-Level < -171 dBc (2 x +43 dBm), typical -174 dBc
  • Fast & efficient PIM testing
  • Frequency range: 700...2700 MHz (600...3500 MHz on request)
  • DTF: Integrated in base unit (no separate module needed)
  • Measurements: 2-tone, sweep, DTF, spectrum analyzer, VSWR/return loss, power sweep, isolation measurement
  • Built-in WiFi for remote control via optional Android tablet
  • 12" touchscreen
  • Intuitive software operation
  • Exchangeable test port adaptors (7-16 and 4.3-10)



Standard Accessory Kit Included with Delivery of Every New Unit
No matter which model, there is some basic accessories which we deliver with every new unit. Some of the content is equipment type or country specific (e.g. power plug, manual) – please see data sheet to find out which one is suitable to your application.


Accessory Kit for Production/Lab Testing
This optionally available accessory kit with low PIM components includes adaptors, test cables and tools frequently used and needed in production and lab environment.



  • Reduction of T&M investment cost (for multiband-testing)
  • High flexibility/portability in test environment


Service & Support

Warranty, Repair & Calibrations

Rosenberger Passive Intermodulation Analyzers are provided with a 12 months warranty. To ensure highest precision of measurements, we recommend a factory calibration interval of 12 months. In-house calibration & repair service is optionally available. If you wish to send back a unit for factory calibration or repair, for smooth transaction please find handling information in our fact sheet or simply contact us.



  • R&D / Test lab
  • Production environment


PIM Desktop Analyzer Basic Line

Rosenberger also provides a second type of PIM Desktop Analyzer, which offers the flexibility to include another extension filter to a base unit.

  • Application range: Portability and flexibility in production line, R&D and test labs
  • Frequency range: 300...400, 600...1000, 1400...1500, 1800...2200, 2500...2700, 3400...3600 MHz
  • Feature: 2-tone, sweep

Refer to our PIA Catalog to learn more about the PIM Desktop Analyzer Basic Line

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