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MTD®-Modular Twisted-Pair Data-Connectors for Ethernet Applications
The Rosenberger MTD®- connection system is an Ethernet transmission system for jacketed Twisted-Pair cables. Special focus was set on characteristics of costs, weight and construction size. The MTD® system fullfil highest automotive requirements. The significant advantage is the impedance controlled transition area from cable to connector interface compared to existing solutions on the market.

Small construction size allows placing of multiple wire pairs in smallest installations space. The honeycomb structure provides low crosstalk and good symmetry and can be extended modularly. Design ensures ergonomics, workability and best electrical system performances.
MTD® - Products
Rosenberger MTD®
Rosenberger MTD®
  • MTD® cable connectors plug and jack
    1- and 5-way
  • MTD® PCB connectors
    1- and 5-way
  • MTD® carrier housing
  • MTD® cable connectors waterproof
    present in development
  • For Ethernet applications (100 Mbps / 1 Gbps at 1-way)
  • For Chip to Chip applications
  • For optimized jacketed cables
  • Optimized in weight and installation space
  • Cost optimized
  • Manual, semi- and fully automatic assembling
  • Radial free positionable contacts
  • Stressless and torsion free contact assembling
The Rosenberger MTD® connecting system is an Ethernet transmission system for jacketed Twisted-Pair cables in vehicles.
For highest automotive requirements e.g. US CAR 2  
MTD® Coupler

In order to support automotive system integration, Rosenberger provides directional coupler-based measurement techniques as well as probes for comprehensive cross-domain coupling analysis.

  • Separation of uplink and downlink signals on twisted-pair cables for Ethernet systems using a single differential pair.
  • Detection of common mode interferences on unshielded differential wires
MTD® - Assembly Process

Rosenberger MTD®
  • 1. Cutting and stripping 
        of cable jacket and wires
  • 2. Crimping of terminals (center contacts)
  • 3. Insertion of crimped terminals
        and jacket in lower shell
  • 4. Assembly of upper shell