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Rosenberger wants to do something effective for climate protection, save electricity costs from conventional energy sources and, where possible, make itself independent of electricity suppliers and electricity prices.

This summer 2020, Rosenberger assigned ABEL ReTec GmbH & Co. KG to install a photovoltaic system with 3000 modules and 935 kWp for its own power supply. The system supplies the company with approx. 800,000 kWh of solar electricity per year, saving almost 470 t of CO2 per year.
In addition, further emissions such as lead, nitrogen oxide or mercury are reduced.

A special feature of Rosenberger PV is the so-called zero feed-in, whereby Rosenberger uses 100% of the electricity produced by the solar plant itself, the system does not feed into the public power grid and thus waives the state feed-in tariff.


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19.05.2020 Update
HSS2020 - Face shield CE certified - Microsite
The new HÖRL face shield HSS2020 is the perfect protection from droplet and aerosol infections for medical and nursing staff in clinics, nursing homes and emergency services but also in the industry, craftsmanship as well as in other trade and service occupations.
23.04.2020 Update
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15.04.2020 Update
In the meantime, around 50,000 face shields (frames and transparent sheets) have been delivered to the nearby clinics, nursing homes, medical practices and some service companies. 
With the cooperation of the company Kiefel from Freilassing, which quickly and easily started the production of suitable sheets over the weekend, we are now able to support the Corona crisis teams of the district offices of Berchtesgaden, Traunstein and Altötting with additional quantities at short notice. Further storage and distribution will be handled exclusively by the crisis teams of the responsible authorities. 
After some modifications of the frame, e.g. the ergonomic fit, the adaptation for spectacle wearers, the optimization of the mounting and an interim solution of the foil signs, the first 3400 pieces could be picked up by Tobias Kronawitter, coordinator Corona of the Klinikum Traunstein, after only a few days. It is important to us that we can support the clinic and nursing staff on site quickly and unbureaucratically.
Many thanks to our colleagues for their great commitment!
Hörl - a company of the Rosenberger Group - learned about the urgent need for faceshields trough Tobias Hermann from the campaign "Maker vs Virus". The 3D-printing of the required takes almost one and a half hours. Hörl's management and team didn’t hesitate for a second and designed and manufactured the right tool and the first prototypes in the record time of only 24 hours. The production of a frame is now reduced to 13 seconds by use of the injection moulding technology.


Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) 
Rosenberger provides connectivity solutions for industrial applications

One wire pair – an infinite number of applications
Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) sets new standards in intelligent communication architecture. Using power over data line (PoDL), parallel high-performance data and power transmission is supported via just one Ethernet wire pair.

New connector series for industrial applications
Rosenberger has expanded the product range for Ethernet applications by the following new connector series: RoSPE-HMTD, based on Rosenberger automotive connectors and optimized with housings for industrial applications, and RoSPE-Industrial, a new interface developed in cooperation with leading manufacturers.

Standardization – the key to success
Rosenberger has joined the Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance, a cross-industry and cross-application technology partnership between renowned manufacturers from the connector, industrial automation, technology, and cabling industries pursuing the goal of driving the development of an international standard: Because interoperability and the long-term success of SPE can only be ensured with manufacturer-independent standards. The following standardization variants are currently being jointly developed: IEC 63171-2 for IP20 and IEC 63171-5 for IP67.




Rosenberger provides a comprehensive product portfolio of high-reliable interconnect components and devices which is in accordance with the stringent requirements of MIL-PRF 39012 standard, DIN EN 9100 or ESCC Certification of the European Space Agency (ESA).

A new brochure showcases Rosenberger’s wide product range qualified for aerospace, security & defence applications: RF coaxial components, microwave components.





Rosenberger presents the high-performance connector series EBC® - Efficient Board Connector. The innovative connector series combines all advantages of common PCB series such as SMP, P-SMP or Longwipe-SMP: axial and radial misalignment using bullets, very small dimensions, minimum board-to-board distances, designed for high-volume production and 100%-design-to-cost optimized. EBC®-board-to-board and board-to-mobile connectors are best-suitable connectivity systems to be applied in active MIMO antennas in future 5G high-speed networks.

The EBC® Application Note contains further information in detail.




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