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Phased Matched Cable Assembies

Rosenberger North America is a premier manufacturer of phase- and delay-matched cable assemblies for use in instrumentation, semiconductor testing, Mil/Aero applications, and communications.

Using proprietary techniques such as our Phase Trim-mor™ process, precision frequency and time domain measurements, and an experienced staff, we achieve a consistent and reliable phase-matched cable assembly.  Matching is done with absolute or relative delay-matching tolerance values within picoseconds, whether it is matched in pairs, groups or lots, or matched to an absolute target value.  Whether it is a high performance, air-spaced PTFE cable, a precision, formed semi-rigid cable, or a polyethylene foam-style cable, Rosenberger North America is the best in the business for Phase-Matched Cable assemblies.
•Semiconductor testing
Available Phase Matching Styles:
•Absolute Matching - Matching to a customer-defined length.
•Relative Matching - Matching assemblies relative to one another in a group.
•Delay-Matched in Pairs – Measured and selected from a large group of assemblies, then paired and labeled accordingly.
•Delay-Matched to a standard – All cables matched to a standard.
•Delay Offset Matching – One or more cables are provided with a delay or offset from a standard or another cable in the group.
Available Cable Styles:
•Air Spaced PTFE
•Semi Rigid
•Flexible PTFE, flexible polyethylene foam, as well as other styles of flexible cables with various other dielectrics.
•Corrugated, both polyethylene foam as well as other styles available.
Contact Information
Rosenberger of North America, LLC.
309 Colonial Drive
Akron, PA 17501
Phone: 717-859-8900
Fax: 717-859-7044