TINO® Tracking Unit


Maximum Reliability and Runtime with Lowest Energy Consumption

TINO® is a powerful GPS asset tracker with high weather-related reliability, specially designed to locate moving objects without power supply. In the absence of a satellite signal, real-time
tracking is provided by cell localization. Transmission intervals can be parameterized by the user based on time and movement.

Integrated sensors support monitoring of temperature, movement and vibration. Device configurations can be changed individually via mobile communications during use. Customized IT backend systems can be connected to the TINO® via standardized interfaces.


Uncompromising, Robust and Scalable for use Worldwide

Driven by today’s geopolitical challenges, global supply chains are under pressure: Increasingly, companies must design logistics processes that ensure transported goods always reach their destinations on time and undamaged.



  • Weatherproof housing (degree of protection: IP67)
  • Ambient temperatures from -40 °C to +75 °C
  • Integrated motion/shock and temperature sensors
  • Alarm when sensor threshold is exceeded
  • Cell localization in the absence of a GPS signal
  • Firmware update and configurability via the air interface
  • Information about battery status visible online
  • Individually configurable time- and motion-based transmission intervals
  • CE certifications
  • Efficient installation



  • Maximum runtime with the lowest energy consumption - with one battery pack
  • Up to 10,000 messages | Up to 10 years duration | Easy battery change
  • Durable hardware thanks to robust housing design
  • Plug & Play with integrated sensors and Bluetooth LE
  • Latest mobile technologies and GSM fallback for global use
  • Maximum data security through end-to-end encrypted transmission
  • Magnets ensure minimum energy consumption prior to initial device start-up



Integrated sensors allow the TINO® to measure and record the following status:

Temperature: Measuring range from -40 °C to +75 °C. An alarm is triggered by configuring a threshold at defined temperature values.

Acceleration/Shock: Configurable intensity level and acceleration above which movement is detected and reported

Bluetooth Gateway

TINO® offers a standard interface for use as a gateway, e.g. for detecting and forwarding Bluetooth beacons in the area or the connection of additional sensors



  • Containers
  • Freight cars
  • Transport containers
  • Trailers
  • Silos
  • Cable reels
  • Construction machinery


Compact Hardware Based on Precision Engineering

In a single tracking unit, TINO® combines the latest technologies with years of engineering and production expertise.

Customer-Specific Developments

The development of new ideas and their implementation into feasible solutions with added value is part of Rosenberger‘s customer promise. When developing telematics components, Rosenberger can call on tried-and-tested solution modules that have already proven themselves in practice.

In addition to meeting electrical and mechanical requirements, Rosenberger also selects the appropriate technologies to turn these requirements into reality. In close cooperation with the customer, Rosenberger develops tailor-made and targeted system solutions.

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