PILOT is a GPS telematics system designed for delivering maximum efficiencies to fleets. It puts fleet managers in total control through the provision of remote vehicle location and status reporting. From simple GPS location to tax logbook driver identification systems, vehicles are fully protected from theft or unauthorized use.

PILOT is designed for car fleets of all sizes and uses proven technology to guarantee smooth operation. The data required is automatically recorded in the vehicle and transmitted to the certified data center via mobile radio.

The trip information can be accessed at any time through the web portal. Any necessary information such as the occasion of the trip or travel destination can also be added.



  • GPS location: around the clock and from anywhere, an overview of vehicle location is available regardless of it being in-motion or stationery
  • Real-time alerting (geofencing): as soon as the vehicle enters or leaves a pre-defined area an email or SMS alarm message is transmitted
  • Simple vehicle management: the system produces accurate reports for invoicing or accounting
  • Reliable driver identification: RFID confirms which employee has driven the pool vehicle, when, and for how long
  • Logbook at the push of a button: automatic, complete and legally compliant recording of commuting, business and private trips. All working and route times can be evaluated individually to calculate the time required per job or project.

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